The Love Of My Life

HI, my name is Lindsey Renee Clifford. And I'm little sister to the much loved YouTube sensation Michael Clifford. I was born in Sydney, Australia. This is the story about how I met a boy and how he fixed my life.


5. More Arguments

Lindsey's POV


"Linds... Linds?" A familiar voice whispered in my ear. "Lindseeeeey" The same voice spoke just above a whisper. "LINDSEY RENEE CLIFFORD!" The voice shouted, all of a sudden I fell on the floor. Next thing I knew I heard someone dying of laughter. I then realized I wasn't in my room, but, MICHAEL'S?!?! HOW THE HELL DID I END UP IN HERE? "Are you okay Linds?" Michael asked worriedly.


"Yeah I'm fine. How did I end up in here?" I asked when I turned to see he looked like he was about to cry. "About 15 minutes after our... talk... you came in saying you couldn't sleep and asked if you could sleep with me. Being the nice big brother I said yes." He said, saying the last with pride.


Knowing it was a joke I went to ask a more important question. "Talk? What talk?" I asked as he suddenly found the floor interesting. "I asked you to promise me you would stop cutting. You said the same to me." He said, I saw a tear escape his eye.


I saw his shirt on the floor next to me and there was dried blood on the collar. What the hell? I looked down at my wrist which also had dried blood on it. Then every memory of last night flooded my mind. I broke down and started crying. I ran to my room and flopped down onto my bed and cried into my pillow. Before I knew it I was pulled into Michael's arms.


"Shhhhhh... it's okay LInds." He whispered in my ear reassuringly. "Why did you cut?" He asked. I had to think about that one. Wait, no I didn't. I can't believe he just asked me that. I cut because we got in a fight. Sadly he clearly didn't have enough common sense to know that! "SERIOUSLY!?"


Michael's POV


"SERIOUSLY!?" She shouted tearing my arms off of her. "YOU REALLY JUST ASKED ME THAT! I DID IT BECAUSE I FELT BAD THAT WE FOUGHT! I FELT BAD THAT I ABANDONED YOU AND I FELT BAD THAT ME LEAVING CAUSED YOU TO START!" She shouted and I saw tears escape her puffy, red eyes. God, I just keep making this situation so much worse. "WELL I'M SORRY I CARED!" I shouted and ran out of the room.


Lindsey's POV


Oh my god what have I done. I tried to chase after Michael when I noticed I was on the floor. AND my nose was bleeding. Michael slammed his door in my face. At least we don't have school today. I was going to call for mom when I remembered I still had blood on my wrist. I washed it off and ran downstairs.


"MOM! MY NOSE IS BLEEDING!" Before I knew it I was in the kitchen with her inspecting my nose. Thank GOD she's a nurse. "What happened love?" "Well, me and Michael got in a fight. I chased him to his room. He slammed his door in my face... literally." With that bit of information her face turned a deep shade of red. Michael is so done for.


"MICHAEL GORDON CLIFFORD GET DOWN HERE RIGHT THIS MINUTE!" She shouted. He simply replied with; "WHY IT'S NOT LIKE I HAVE COMPANY!" "GET DOWN HERE OR YOU'RE NOT GOING TO BAND PRACTICE!" I heard dad shout. Band practice? I don't know I'll find out later.


"Are you okay bug?" My dad asked. "Yeah I'm fine. Can I have some painkillers? It really hurts." My mom nodded and handed me some painkillers and a glass of water. "It's not broken but it will definitely hurt over the next few days. Next thing I knew Michael ran into the kitchen. He frowned when he saw me.


"Michael apologize to your sister NOW!" Dad said sternly. "Why I didn't do anything." Michael said questionably. "YOU SLAMMED THE DOOR IN HER FACE AND MADE HER NOSE BLEED! YOU'RE LUCKY IT ISN'T BROKEN!" Dad shouted. "Dad, it's okay." MIchael turned to me and saw that I had a gauze stuck up my nose.


"I'm sorry Lindsey." He said. He didn't call me 'Linds' so I knew it was sincere. We made up and hugged it out. We spent the rest of the morning cuddling and watching Netflix. We talked about my time in NY and about his band. "Michael, can I come to band practice with you later?" I gave him the puppy dog eyes and he gave in. "Sure." I mentally fist pumped.


I can't wait to meet his band! This will be great... maybe they will be cute. Lindsey you can't think that. They are your brother's best mates. I was shaken out of my thoughts when Michael snapped his fingers in my face. "Linds, are you okay?" He asked worriedly. "Yeah just thinking about how great you're gonna sound" I lied. He smirked and turned back to the T.V. Then I honestly WAS thinking about how he was gonna sound. I hope he's good.


AN: I am SO SORRY! It has been so long since I've updated. I have been busy with school and other things in life. I am again truly sorry. I will have the next chapter up tomorrow. I PROMISE THIS TIME! I love you all so much! Thanks for all the support. Stay beautiful ;)


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