The Love Of My Life

HI, my name is Lindsey Renee Clifford. And I'm little sister to the much loved YouTube sensation Michael Clifford. I was born in Sydney, Australia. This is the story about how I met a boy and how he fixed my life.


13. Bus Rides and Truth

Lindsey's POV

The bus rolled around to our stop. Me, Michael, and this other kid got on the bus and sat down.

I saw Luke and sat down next to him, avoiding eye contact. Jeez this is gonna be a long and awkward bus ride.

I plugged in my headphones and looked out someones window. I felt Luke tap my shoulder, I turned to look at him.

Luke's POV

She's avoiding any contact with me, eye and communication. I tap on her shoulder and she turns to look at me.

"Listen, Lindsey, can we just ignore what I did this morning? I don't want anything to be awkward between us."

I spoke. She unplugged her headphones. I guess she could tell something was bugging me.

"Are you okay Luke?" She asks me. "Yeah, this is just awkward." I lie.

"Okay, and what happened this morning was no big deal." I was relieved to hear that.

"Really?" "Yeah it's totally fine Luke, a lot of people who are friends do that kind of thing."

I was EVEN MORE relieved when I heard that. "They do?" She giggled, she's so cute.

"Yes Luke, it's like a sign so they know you would never hurt them." Wow, she knows a lot... but she is a girl.

Girls DO know a lot about romance... don't they??? "Thanks Lindsey." I poke her side and she laughs.

"No problem Luke." She kisses my cheek and puts her headphones back in. She's amazing...

Michael's POV

.Luke and Lindsey are so cute together. I really hope they go out, they would be good together.

But I swear if Luke EVER hurts her I will hurt HIM. I need to calm down, I trust him.

This is just a normal 'protective big brother' thing. Whew, I'm tired.

Lindsey's POV

Luke is so sweet. Considering me and my feelings and not wanting anything to be awkward between us.

He is amazing. I just can't tell Michael I like him. We pull up to the school and all the kids get off the bus.

When me and Luke get off he grabs my hand and intertwines our fingers. "Is this something friends do?"

He sounded so unsure, he really was trying to be on good terms with me. I giggle before I say "Yes they do."

I swing our hands back and fourth as we walk to my locker. "I have to meet the guys, save me a seat at lunch?"

"Yeah of course." Why would I NOT save him a seat?!?! "Thanks love." He kissed my cheek and ran to class.

I swoon as I grab my things out of my locker. "LINDSEY! LINDSEY!" I hear a voice scream.

I turn to my left and see a panting Rachel. "I need to talk to you... alone." "Okay?"

She pulls me to the janitor closet. "What is it? Who's do I need to beat the crap out of?"

"No, it's not that. I have to tell you something. Don't let it ruin our friendship." Does she like Michael?

Is she joining some popular clique? "It won't ruin our friendship. I promise."

"Really? I told this to someone at my old school and they hated me ever since then." "I won't do that."

I smiled reassuringly. She took a deep breath. "I..." She was scared.

"Rachel it's okay, you can tell me. I would never hate you." Did she commit a crime?

"I'm a lesbian..." She's a lesbian? Aww why would her friend hate her? That's just a life choice she made.

I started clapping for her. She looked confused as hell. "I'm proud of you for sticking with who YOU are."

"That 'friend' you referred to was a total douche for not accepting who YOU are. It's your life, not theirs."

"Thanks Lindsey, we should probably get to class." Yeah we should. We head to class.

Today wasn't such a bad day! Or so I thought...

DUN DUN DUN! What do you think is gonna happen that ruins Lindsey's day? What did you think about that plot twist? Bet you didn't see THAT coming now did you? I love you all! Stay beautiful!


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