The Love Of My Life

HI, my name is Lindsey Renee Clifford. And I'm little sister to the much loved YouTube sensation Michael Clifford. I was born in Sydney, Australia. This is the story about how I met a boy and how he fixed my life.


16. Author's note: I'm Back!!!!! :D

So the main reason I left was because my parents started getting on my case about movellas. "Can we read it?" "You shouldn't publish stuff online without our permission" And I was using my mom's computer so they could've easily gone and read the story which is also why I quit.


I couldn't use my desktop computer because it was being all funky so I shut it off for a few months so it could refresh and all that stuff I guess but hey I'm back now! I don't know if I'm gonna publish a new chapter tonight or not but you guys will have to find out.


ONE MORE THING! Michael really needs a girlfriend so comment this info and I will choose one of you guys to be in the story. I'm sure there will be more opportunity's for stuff like this.




(short list of) Favourite things:

Whatever else you would think is necessary for a character bio because idk how to do this :/


Love you all! Stay beautiful!



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