The Love Of My Life

HI, my name is Lindsey Renee Clifford. And I'm little sister to the much loved YouTube sensation Michael Clifford. I was born in Sydney, Australia. This is the story about how I met a boy and how he fixed my life.


23. Author's Note: I FEEL TERRIBLE

Guys I am so sorry I haven't been posting lately. I've been busy and school has really been stressing me out. To make it up to you guys, I want a few of you to be characters in the story. So if you want to, here's what to do.


1: Message me on my instagram _music_lover_2001_

2. Comment your instagram down below so I know who is who

3. Then we will continue from there.

(If you don't have an instagram we can find an alternative way of communication)


Here's the list of Character's I need:

Ashton's Girlfriend

Calum's Girlfriend


I'm going to be writing more about Lindsey's friend Rachel because we don't hear about her enough and I feel bad about it *tear* XD :( So just expect more of her in the future because lemme be honest I love her so freaking much XD You guys can also message me on my instagram (or an alternative if you don't have instagram) if you have any suggestions for my story (Such as drama, new people, etc.)


Again, I'm so sorry I haven't been posting but thanks for sticking with me through all this time. I love you guys so much! Stay beautiful!


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