Top 10 Songs By (insert name here) Treasury

Do you have a singer you want me to do a list for? Just request in the comments!


1. Beethoven

Kicking off is the extremely talented composer, and the world's best. Even after he lost his hearing and sanity, he wrote several more successful works. After Beethoven, music would never be the same.

10. Symphony #6 (Pastoral)

9. Symphony #3 (Eroica)

8. Fur Elise

7. Rage Over A Lost Penny

6. Moonlight Sonata

5. Symphony #9 (Ode to Joy, 1st Movement)

4. Symphony #5 (Allegro con brio)

3. Presto Agitato

2. Symphony #7 (Allegro)

And #1 is........

1. Ode to Joy (2nd Movement)

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