A teenage girl looses her boyfriend in a terriable accident. Now she's depressed and has anxiety. She and her mother move to Sydney to start a new life. Suddently everything gets worse. Will everything be fine in the end?


8. Chapter 6

,,Yes! Isn't that great!" My mom said.

,,Mom.. That's amazing!" I said, still in shock.

,,We'll be moving in next week. It'll give you.. Us.. A chance to start a new life and forget about the past. This is best for us sweetie. We need this." My mom said.

,,Yeah.. I know mom."

This week passed by like 5 seconds. We had packed all our things and we headed to the airport.

,,I'll miss this town." I said in the car as we drove out of our home town.

,,Me too."

The flight took about 6 hours and when we landed in Sydney the clock was 10 pm.

We took all of our bags and went outside.

,,He should be here somewhere.." My mom said.

,,Who?" I asked my mother.

,,Andy. He was gonna pick us up and drive us to our new home."

,,Hm.. Who's this Andy?"

,,We'll be working together now. His full name is Andy Hemmings. I think he has a son at your age. Lucifer? No. Lucas. Hmm.. What was it.. Luke! His name is Luke."

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