A teenage girl looses her boyfriend in a terriable accident. Now she's depressed and has anxiety. She and her mother move to Sydney to start a new life. Suddently everything gets worse. Will everything be fine in the end?


7. Chapter 5

It got really cold and I was just wearing my Vans, my over-sized tee and some jeans.

I went home and carefully opened the front door, just in case if my mother or Ashley were about to scream at me or something..

,,Hello?" I said as I walked in.

No answer.

I checked if the house was clear.

Nobody was home.

Ashley probably just went home and my mom went to work.

I really wanted to cry in my bed right now, but I cried it all out in the park.

I checked my phone.


I went to the kitchen to find some food.

I opened the fridge.

,,Ah, found ya." I said as I took ice cream out of the fridge.

I took a spoon and ate ice cream while watching netflix under a blanket.

After a few hours of chick-flicks my mom came home.

,,Mom? Why are you home so early?" I said as I walked towards my mother.

,,Oh, my boss decited to let me go home early so I could have enough time for packing." My mom said with a smirk.

,,Packing what? Mom, what are you talking about? Where are you going?"

,,We are going to Sydney!"

,,What are you going to do in Sydney?"

,, 'We' are going to Sydney, and I have to work." My mom said still smirking.

,,Why are you going to work in Sydney?"

,,I GOT A PROMOTION!" My mom said smiling.

,,Wow! That's great mom! Congratulations!! Wait.. In Sydney?"

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