A teenage girl looses her boyfriend in a terriable accident. Now she's depressed and has anxiety. She and her mother move to Sydney to start a new life. Suddently everything gets worse. Will everything be fine in the end?


4. Chapter 3

,,Hi! I'm Ashley!" Ashley said as she put her hand out. Her hand smelled like candy. I hate candy.

,,Hi... I'm Sam." I said.

Ashley put her hand awkwardly back since I wasn't gonna shake it.

,,Can I sit here?" She asked while pointing on my bed.

I just looked at her and didn't answer. I really don't want her here.

,,Alright then." She said as she sat on my bed.

She was like two inches away from me. I really don't like her.

The candy smell of her perfume was killing me and I almost puked while sitting in the awkward silence with her.

,,So.. What are you into?" She asked me breaking the silence.

,,....Depressing music."

Ashley stared at me like I was a total weirdo.

,,Intresting... What would you call "depressing music" ?" Ashley said.

,,...Songs that have depressing lyrics....." I said as I very bored.

,,Huh." Ashley said.

,,Do you like Taylor Swift?" Ashley asked.

What. The. F***. I thought it was pretty obvious that I really don't like her.

,,Yeah, I love her." I said with sarcasm.

,,Oh my gosh! I love her too! We're totally gonna be best friends!" She said. And she was serious.

,,Right." I mumbled.

,,Do you know what sarcasm is?.." I said.

,,Uhm.. Isn't it, like, when you say something, and you're joking, but you don't show that you're joking. Am I right?"

I didn't answer her.

She stood up and started looking at my room.

,,Who's this?" She asked while pointing on a picture of me and Isaac.

I just stared at the picture.

,,Ooh! I know! Is this your best friend? Oh no. Wait. You don't have any friends. Sorry."

I felt so angry. My stomach hurt. I still stared at the picture.

,,IS THIS YOUR BOYFRIEND?!!?" She said clapping her hands and smiling.

A tear streamed down. The anger I felt hurt my head.

,,Maybe it's your 'secret' boyfriend.." She said wiggling an eyebrow.

,,GET OUT!" I screamed at her while pointing at the door.

,,What? No. Why?" She said.


Ashley didn't answer. She just stared at me.

,,UGH!" I said and ran out.

I ran out of my house. I just ran. I didn't know where I was going. I just ran.

I cried too.

I found a park while running. I sat under a big oak and just cried.

This place is very relaxing. I actually feel sorry for Ashley. She just didn't know. Then I kinda. Uhm. Screamed at her.. And. Ran out.

I'm just a sensitive person. And I just really miss him. Sometimes I wish that I would've died instead of Isaac.

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