A teenage girl looses her boyfriend in a terriable accident. Now she's depressed and has anxiety. She and her mother move to Sydney to start a new life. Suddently everything gets worse. Will everything be fine in the end?


2. Chapter 2

I'm just afraid of these memories.

I've been awake in my bed for 2 hours now. My head hurts as hell. It's like hundreds of knives are trying to get out of my head. Digging.

I went out of bed because I was hungry. My mom sat at the kitchen table while I was eating. She stared at me.

,,What?!" I said to my mom.

,,Ok, this is enough. The only thing you do is eat, sleep and listen to music. You have NO friends and you never go to school anymore. You have to move on and forget what happened. You can't change the past. Please. I want my old daughter back." My mom said. Tears streamed down her cheek.

My head and my chest hurt while she said this. Tears started to escape my eyes.

,,I'm sorry! Ok! I hate my life too!" I answered.

,,Can you at least try to go to school tomorrow? Please?" My mom said.

,,No." I answered.

,,Well, because you have no friends, I called this girl called Ashley and she'll be coming in about an hour. She's at your age! Her mother and I are partners at work. She seems like a very lovely girl."

,,Mom! You could've asked me first before you asked her over!"

,,I'm sorry darling, but you shut the door right in my face so I just wanted to leave you alone."

I sighed and rolled my eyes as she said that.

,,Well, since that girl will be here in an hour, I'm gonna take a shower."

I stood up and took a shower.

After the warm shower, I went to my room and put my headphones on and listened to music.

I love music. It's my escape. It makes me forget things.

I could hear my mom talking to somebody downstairs.

Shoot. That girl is here.

My mom knocked on my door. ,,Darling! Ashley is here! Be nice!"

A girl walked in. Ugh. She's so not my type. She's all sweet and happy. Like the old version of me. But that version is gone. And will never come back.

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