an adventure...

this fanfic is not the typical romantic 1D fanfic. we have adventure, action, and maybe at some point, a little bit of chemistry. So if you wanna read an adventurous 1D fanfic for a change, this is the place. if you like it till now please lemme know thanks! xx


3. the realization

“But I don’t have a room to sleep in.”

“No worries! You can sleep in my room. But I work late at night on my PC hope that it won’t disturb you.”

“Yea that wouldn’t be a problem. I’m used to it now. Greg and I used to share a room and he used to sit up late doing some work.”

“Aww you poor thing. Pity I don’t have a laptop. I would’ve taken it to the kitchen and worked there. You sure you can put up?”

“Yea I can. Don’t worry ‘bout me.”

“Ok! Good night! Get in. I’ll tuck you in”

“Wow, you are really caring.” *smiles*

After you tuck him in you start to work on your new project. You didn’t realize when you fell asleep that’s some hell of work. After some time you wake up

You see that everyone’s asleep and quietly tiptoe outside in the backyard. It was a warm summer night and the sky was clear. You couldn’t believe that 5 of the most famous people in the world were staying at your house and that you had tucked them in with your own hands. It was all like a dream. More like a dream come true. Hell. Niall, Louis, Liam, Harry, and Zayn were sleeping in your house and nobody knew where they were. “Now I better get some sleep if I wanna go with them. Gotta wake up at 6:30 and get ready.” You say to yourself you go in and sleep in the drawing room on the sofa. 

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