an adventure...

this fanfic is not the typical romantic 1D fanfic. we have adventure, action, and maybe at some point, a little bit of chemistry. So if you wanna read an adventurous 1D fanfic for a change, this is the place. if you like it till now please lemme know thanks! xx


2. the next moves

“So, whooo, what brought you people to my house?” you ask after you recovered from the initial shock you got.

“Well, we read your short stories that you post online and they are really exiting and we are big fans of you.”  Said Liam.


“Yes we do.” Said Harry

“Wow that’s some news. But, what did you come to me for?”

“Your plots are awesome and they make us want to read more. And you are a genius, and you are really adventurous. So that’s why we came to you. We need your help you know.” Said Louis.

“Well, that explains that.”

“Will you help us?”

“Tell me the job, and I’ll do it”

 “We need to go to the NASA space centre” said Niall.

“Whao, this is big.”

“It is.”

“It’ll take about 4 months to execute this.” Said Liam


 “We’ll have to start tomorrow morning 7:00 sharp. You’ll get your outfit then.” Said Zayn.

“Hey! You guys want something to eat or drink? Just help yourself! There’s plenty of food in here. Feel free. This is your own home.”

“Hey we just wanted to say that we’ll have to stay the night here.”   Said zayn

“Oh god! This is a dream come true! You people can sleep anywhere you want! I’ll show you guys around”

“Hey! These cookies are delicious! Said Niall from the kitchen.”

“They should be. I baked them myself.”

“You are the best! Thanks!”

“Don’t mention it!”

“I really need to sleep.” Said Zayn.

“Sure! Come with me!” you lead him to one of the guest rooms and he immediately crawls in and falls asleep. You tuck him in and turn off the lights and go out.

You sit and chat with Liam and Louis for a bit and then you all start getting drowsy. You show them all the bedrooms and bathrooms and the drawing room.

“Good gracious!” you heard Niall from your bedroom.

“What’s the matter Niall?”

“You have A LOT of, us.”

“This is only a small part of it.” You open a cupboard and it overflows with 1D accessories.

“Holy lord.” Said Niall quite surprised. “THIS blew me away. The rest of them should see this.”

“I’ll show them tomorrow. You are really tired. Now you have to go to sleep.”

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