an adventure...

this fanfic is not the typical romantic 1D fanfic. we have adventure, action, and maybe at some point, a little bit of chemistry. So if you wanna read an adventurous 1D fanfic for a change, this is the place. if you like it till now please lemme know thanks! xx


6. singing in the plane

All of you get out of the van in black suits like you’re some important business people. You go to the gate real quick so that no one spots you.

“Whoa! Look! That guy looks like Harry Styles! Said someone

“Not only just harry, that guy looks like Niall!!!” her friend replied. But afraid to embarrass themselves if they didn’t turn out to be Harry and Niall, they went on talking.

There was a stir in the airport, but it didn’t escalate.

Anyway, you made it out of the gate and boarded the plane.

“Whew. That was close.” Said Louis.

“Yea it was.” Said Liam.

“So, what’s the rest of the plan?” you asked.

“Well, from now, we’ll go, to the NASA headquarters in Washington, and then we’ll talk to the director. After we find out what exactly is the problem, then we’ll get our equipment, and then we’ll go to work. Your knowledge of the space will be extremely helpful to us then.” Explained Liam

“Hey! Aren’t we going to sneak into some enemy camps and hack into security systems and use hi-tech gadgets and gizmos?!” said zayn a bit disappointed.

“I don’t know… that is a mystery to you, me and even Simon doesn’t know what we’ll do next.” Said Liam.

“That’s some top-secret info.” Said harry

“it may be. For all we know, the whole world might know except us.” Said Niall.

“Hmmmmmmm……..” you said “that’s something.”

On the plane you people had lots of fun. Like pranks and all. Then you took turns singing your favorite parts of your favorite songs. Niall sang act my age, harry sang clouds, Liam sang back for you, Louis sang change my mind, and zayn sang night changes. Then came your turn. You sang history. The plane was filled with melodies and beats, and laughter and fun. Then zayn’s high note in rock me totally killed it. Like literally. You were like

“Omfg. This guy is a god….. Jeez HOW THE HELL DOES HE DO THAT?!?!?!!?”

“He just does it. He’s a natural.” Said Niall.


“This trip’s taking forever!” said Niall after you finished your game. “I’m sooo hungry. I don’t think that I’ll last with just these cookies” he said munching on your homemade cookies.

“Hey! When did you get those?!” you asked.

“I got them from the kitchen in your house…? When we were about to leave…?”

“Oh alright.”

“First up I’m gonna go straight to McDonalds and grab couple of burgers and fries. That’s final.” Said Niall

“Yea. Let’s go there. I’m getting kinda hungry too.” Said harry.

“Ok. So let’s go there.” Said Liam

“But I thought that we didn’t have time to waste?”

“We need to eat to work. Eating is practically not a waste of time. It supplies us with the nutrients and vitamins and other things that we need to survive.” Said Liam.

“Well, well, daddy direction. That’s the right name the fans gave you.” Louis replied

“hmmmmm…. How much more time is it till touchdown?” asked niall

“we’re gonna land in about… 3 minutes.” Said the pilot

“three minutes is a long time for me. Please help me survive through this ordeal.”

“there’s no need to overreact nialler. 3 minutes is really less.”

“not for me” he replied munching the very last cookie.

“we’re gonna touchdown in … 10, 9, 8…”


“…5, 4, 3, 2, 1. We have just touched down. Thanks for taking this flight, it has been a privilege to fly for you.”

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