an adventure...

this fanfic is not the typical romantic 1D fanfic. we have adventure, action, and maybe at some point, a little bit of chemistry. So if you wanna read an adventurous 1D fanfic for a change, this is the place. if you like it till now please lemme know thanks! xx


4. planning....

*in the morning*

“Shiz, that was a good night.” You say. You look mat the clock and its 6:00 better early than late. You think you go to the kitchen and find Zayn sipping a cup of coffee.

“Hey! I didn’t know you wake up so early!” you say.

“Same thoughts here” said zayn.

“Had a good sleep?” you asked.

“Better than the ones I ever had. That bed was so very comfy! And the pillows! Sheez. Where did you get those?”

“I made them myself. Remember, almost everything in this house is handmade by me. It took me ages to furnish this place.”

“Jeez, you are one hella talented girl.”

“Thanks! oh! Look at the time! It’s already six thirty! I’ll wake up the boys.”

*you go to the rooms and wake them up*

“Wake up boys! We don’t wanna get late! Get up! “

“What time is it?” said Harry

“Six thirty!”

“Wow thanks!”

*they all get up and get ready and are down at 7:00*

So now today is the starting of our 4 month adventure. We are now gonna present you with your uniform.

*they hand you a parcel kind of a thing.*

You open it and see a super casual attire of jeans and a shirt and a belt and shoes and socks.

You laugh and say “you guys! “

You change and come down and there is an air of approval from them and then they tell you that there are many tools in various places in your outfit.

Niall takes out a big piece of paper from his pocket and then tells you that there is a chain like thing that comes out if you press the collar button in your shirt, there is a hook in your left sleeve which comes out when you rotate the dial in your watch, then there are cutting tools in the soles of your shoes and you can use the ring given to you as a mic plus camera. Also many spy accessories. Once you know where and how to use the tools, you are given a badge which has your DNA in it for identification. (it was taken when you were asleep) and another badge that said ‘welcome to the 1D squad.’ And a small document that said that ‘you are now part of the 1D squad. Your job is to remain loyal to your job and to the boys. T&C apply.’ 

“That’s formal” you say.

“Meh, just a formality” said Louis

“You will, now receive instructions from Simon Cowell.” Said harry

“WHA???!” you say.

“Don’t worry, we all will together. Here is your earpiece. This is our only mode of communication when we are apart.” said Niall. ”and be more clear with your explanations harry.”

“Oh, yeah, sorry.”

“What are we waiting for! Let’s go!”

You are out on the streets, in the van, with the boys. You are discussing your plans.

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