an adventure...

this fanfic is not the typical romantic 1D fanfic. we have adventure, action, and maybe at some point, a little bit of chemistry. So if you wanna read an adventurous 1D fanfic for a change, this is the place. if you like it till now please lemme know thanks! xx


5. confused harry

“So, what’s the POA?” asked Louis.

“What the hell is POA?” asks Niall

“It stands for plan of action...?”


“Guys, can we please not use short forms?” said harry. “It confuses me very, very much.”

“I’m afraid not. It decreases the total time taken to speak a whole word. Gives more time to work. And time is what we need.” Said Liam

“Oh. Ok.” Said harry a lil bit disappointed.

“Now guys, listen to the plan. We are gonna reach the airport very soon, but we won’t take the commercial airliner. There’s a private jet there waiting for us. We are gonna get off this van really silently, and creep in so that we don’t get noticed. Then we’ll go through the customs security check, very quietly then we are gonna go through departure gate no. 3, UNNOTICED. I have some equipment with me that will help us look like normal people and then we’ll board the plane I’ll tell you the rest of the plan when we are aboard the plane. Now get off really silently we’ve got a plane to catch.” Said Liam.

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