Lost in green

She didn't know how to love herself. Lux is young girl with many problems in her past what explains her low self-esteem. meeting Harry is probably the best thing what had happened to her.


1. curly haired savior


I knew there was something about him as he sat next to me to the bench. He light up a smoke and i watched as he breathed out the poison from his lungs. "Whats up?" He asked. "Nothing much." I said. "I am Harry." He said giving his hand to me to shake.he's big green eyes stole my attention. he had long curly hair, he was absolutely good-looking.  "Lux." I said shyly. i hesitated and shook his hand. my hands looked so small compared to his warm ones what gave me weird feeling as i touched him. "What are you doing here at this time of day? Don't you have a school or something." He asked. Who did he think he was? "School sucks." I said. "I know." He said. "Don't you have a job where to be?" I asked. He smirked a little and then said "i am the boss I can do whatever i want." I said. "Okay." I said. I got up as i felt that i needed to get home. "I gotta go. See you around Harry." I said and gave him a wave. He nod and mumbled bye. I really didn't need to get home i just felt uncomfortable. Don't get me wrong. He was normal dude who decided to take a smoke and have a small talk but i really just wanted to be alone at that moment. 

Two days later at night club

"I can't believe he didn't ask our ID!" Jessica smiled excitedly as we entered to night club. Jessica was my best friend and every Friday night we usually got drunk and had fun at her house but today we decided to try something else.  Jessica walked to bar and came back with drinks. After few drinks i found myself drunk and dancing alone in the dance floor in middle of people. Jessica was dancing with some guy who was super cute or that was what she said. Guys were always all over her, Well Jessica looked like a model and i just looked well. Like a little kid. "whats a pretty girl like you doing here alone?" A voice said behind me and i felt a body behind me and strong arms took me by my waist. "Stop." I said but he ignored me. I tried to get out of his grip but it seemed impossible. As i got

somehow away from him i started to take quick steps away from him. I was near the back side of the club. "There you are did you really think you would get away so easily." The same voice said. I saw him he was probably near 30 or something like that he had a evil smirk on his face what  creeped the shit out of me. He pushed me against the wall. I tried to kick and slap him but he was much stronger than me. I felt his hands roughly touch my body. I felt disgusted and i felt hot tears stream down my cheeks. He kissed my neck and it felt disgusting. I cried him to stop but he ignored me. "You are so hot. I am
Going to make you feel so good." He said trying to kiss me but i turned my head so his disgusting lips touched my cheek. I kept moving my head as he tried to kiss me. "My vision was blurred by the tears when i saw someone walking over where the disgusting man was trying to rape me. "Dude what the hell are you doing. Shit you are so fucked up." Angry voice said. The disgusting guy was ripped away from me and i collapsed to floor and hugged me knees as i sat on the cold floor. "Don't ever do something like that you sick bastard! Or i am going to fucking kill you." The voice said. And i saw as he took him by the collar and punched him before pushed him away and the other guy excited quickly. I didn't see my savers face it was too dark. "Hey. It's okay." The voice said helping me stand. "Gosh your dress." He said and i noticed that my dress was ripped. That bastard ruined my dress. He placed his jacket to my shoulders. "Lets get you home." He said and his hand rested on my back as he walked me out of the loud and dark night club. As the street lights hit his face i gasped. "Lux?!" Harry said. Harry was my saviour? I couldn't speak. I was too shocked. "I can drive you home where do you live?" He asked. "No please don't. I can't go home. I am here with my friend. I can take bus." I said. "Oh no i am not going to let you take a bus. I will drive you." He said. I nod and he opened the car door for me. "Where does your friend live?" He asked. "Um... I don't have keys with me." I said. "Um.well." Harry said not starting the car. "I don't want to bother you. Thanks for saving me. I will find my way to home." I said.  Moving my hand to open the car door. Harry took hold of my arm gently. "You can sleep at my place and i will take you to your friend at morning." He said. "Are you sure." I said. He gave me a smile. "Its okay." He said. "Okay then. Thanks." I said. "No problem." He smiled and turned the car on. I rested my head against the window and felt my eyes get heavy. I felt cold wind hit my cheeks. Harry was carrying me. "Shhh go back to sleep." He said. "H-harry i can walk." I said. He smiled a little as he opened the door of his house. He let me down. I kicked the heels of. And realised how it felt good walk with out them. "You want tea? Juice?" He asked. "Can i have a water?" I asked shyly as i looked around his flat. He smiled and walked to kitchen i stood in living room he came back with class of water. "This place is nice." I said. "Thanks." He smiled and gave the water. "Mmm." I moaned. The water tasted so good. Harry was looking at me bit amused. Gosh i am awkward. "The water just tasted so good." I said. He let a small laugh. "What?" I asked feeling the blush creep to my cheeks. "Nothing."He smiled. "You want a t shirt or something." He asked. "Yes thanks." I said following him to his bedroom. His bed looked so big and comfy that i was fighting with my self not to crash on it. "Here you go, i will be outside." He said leaving the room. I placed Harrys Jacket to the chair and took my ruined dress of. His t shirt was like dress to me it reached over my tights. I walked out the room finding Harry leaning against the wall. He looked tired. "You can take the bed." Harry said. "Where do you sleep." I asked. "Don't worry about me." He said. "Harry?" I said. "I will sleep at the sofa." He said. "No, i will take the sofa. You have been too nice to me you don't have to sleep on the sofa." I said. He let a laugh "its okay,really." He said. "Please Harry. I cant take the bed when you are sleeping on hard sofa." I said. "Lux." He said. "I will sleep next to you on the bed."i said. He raised his eye brow. "Oh no it would be silly your girlfriend wouldn't like that." I said. "Lux come one lets go to sleep. You look like you are going to fall in sleep while standing. And by the way, don't worry I don't have girlfriend." He winked taking my hand and i followed him to bedroom. I got under the sheets. "You don't mind if i sleep shirtless?" He asked. I shook my head covering my embraced face to the pillow. I gasped as i saw his toned abs he was so handsome. He had a lot of tattoos what made him look even better. "He noticed my staring and gave me a smile showing his dimples. Gosh was i dreaming. I think i will kill someone if i will wake up now. "How old are you." I asked shyly as he got next to me under the sheets. "22 "he said.  "Oh" i said. He was five years older than me. It made me feel disappointed. Was u really even thinking that Harry would like me or be interested of me. He was just being nice. He probably saw me as a little girl. "Goodnight Lux." Harry said. And i pushed the thoughts of Harry liking me away and closed my eyes. 


I opened my eyes slowly. The bed was much softer than my bed in foster house. And speaking of the teddy. When did my teddy have such a soft skin.THIS ISN'T A TEDDY. I jumped. "Morning." Harrys raspy voice said. And i felt my heart slow down. It was just harry. But why were my arms wrapped around him and his around mine. Why didn't i just pretend that i was sleeping so i could have a reason to be in his arms now we both were awake. Stupid Lux. "Harry. We didn't do anything, did we?" I asked. Not looking at him. "Relax Lux. We didn't. You had a nightmare,remember." He said. Then i remembered that harry woke me up middle of a bad dream and i was crying and he was holding me and telling that it was okay. I was embarrassed. "Sorry," i said. "Oh Lux you don't have a reason to say sorry. It's okay. Everyone has a nightmares." He said. "Are you real?" I blurted. "What?" He asked. "Why are you this kind to me. I am totally stranger. Normally someone would have just left me there to club not bothering to get that ass of me or give me place to sleep." I said. "That someone is a dick then." He said. "Thank you." I said. He pocked my cheeks. "You really have to stop saying thank you." He said. "Okay."i pouted. "Now lets get something to eat. He said. I watched as harry cooked a pancakes and sang loudly and he was dancing a little. I laughed at his silly moves and he had wide smile on his face. At afternoon when he dropped me to Jessica's  i felt sad. "Thanks for everything." I said. "I had fun." I said. "Me too." Harry smiled. I got out the car after giving him a wave. "Um Lux!" Harry called from the car. I walked over him. "Maybe we could do this again. You know hang." He said his cheeks turning light pink. "Sure i would love to." I smiled. He smiled back and i gave him my number i said bye to Harry again and rand Jessica's doorbell. "Shit you scared the shit out of me." Jessica said. "Where were you??"she asked as i walked in. I told her the whole thing what happened. "Gosh. I am so jealous of you. You got to sleep next to someone like him. He sounds like a dream. You are so lucky. The guy i danced with bought me home and gave a kiss to my cheek. He turned out to be  a gay." She said. We watched Netflix the rest of the day and at seven pm i went home.


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