Truth or Dare?

Mimi got dared to ask for an autograph and a picture to a band that she's not even a fan of. When they start talking and flirting, where does or when does the night finally end?


2. Doing the dare

Mimi's POV

I looked at the guys again and again. Then it hit me Nikki's little sister has posters of them on her wall, like everywhere.  I think they were called.....One Direction if I'm correct. Aren't they supposed to be mega famous or something? I don't see anyone going up to them and asking for an autograph and pictures. I think it was because this place isn't very known, but it has the best food and drinks here. Nikki then grabbed me from my train of thought.

Nikki: Mimi, truth or dare?


Nikki: Ok! So since you've been staring at One Direction ever since they got here. I dare you to act like an actual fan and ask them for an autograph and a picture. 

I didn't want to do the dare because I didn't want to be a bother to them. I always hated when celebrities were always having their privacies being invaded and always getting mobbed by fans and the paparazzi and what not. But I wasn't going to let the night get ruined because of me and I know they think that I would chicken out, but I don't think Im ever going to meet or even see celebrities this up close before and never get this chance again in my entire life so why the hell not?

"Okay not a problem" I heard the girls oh as I got up from my seat. Its isn't going to be that hard right?

Before I walked to their table I turned around and asked Nikki "You said that I had to just ask for and autograph and a picture right? Not that I had to come back with one, just make it clearer" 

Nikki: Right, I guess I should have made it so that you had to come back with one. Fuck maybe next time.

"If there ever is a next time" I mumbled while walking to their table.

I was starting to get really nervous, It's my first time in front of celebrities and they are so hot that I can't control it. But I decided to put my confident fangirl face on and walked up to them. One of the boys with brown curly hair noticed me and the others soon followed and stopped there conversations.

"Hi, I don't mean to be a bother or anything but I'm a really big fan and I was wondering if I could get a picture or an autograph, but if you guys don't want to be bothered I can leave without one. I don't want to intrude on anything." I said while clutching on my phone waiting for one of them to answer.

Louis: Thanks love but we are busy, and just want to relax today, do you mind?" He replied with a hint of sarcasm.

"No, no not a problem at all. Just getting to meet and talk to One Direction is enough. Thank you for your time." I said while turning around and walking back to my table. Then I heard someone get up from behind me but I didn't bother to turn around to look as to who it was. Then I felt someone grab my wrist. I turned around to see who it was. It was one of the members the one with brown curly hair.

Harry: Love we were just kidding. why wouldn't we want to take a picture with such a beauty?

I could feel my cheeks starting to blush a little, just a tiny bit. It wasn't the first time someone tried to hit on me, I was used to it, but I didn't know why I don't think of myself as a pretty person. I actually think that my best friends are really pretty and I thought people were just flirting with me so the could get close to my friends.

"Can I tell you the truth?"

Harry: Sure love what is it?

"It as only a dare, its my birthday today and my girls dared me to ask you guys for a photo and an autograph. To be honest I'm actually not a fan" I said looking up to his beautiful green eyes. After I said that I could see he was a little disappointed.

Harry: That's all right love, and happy birthday, would you and your girls want to come sit with the lads and I? To celebrate. 

"Thanks, but sorry to disappoint, my girls and I were just about to head out to celebrate." I replied while looking over at the girls signaling them to get up so we could go to our next stop where ever it may be. I have a feeling that they chose my favorite place to party, the Funky Buddha, for our next stop. The girl noticed and they got their stuff ready and started to walk out the door.

Harry: Where are you girls headed? Maybe we can join?

"I don't know you guys don't seem like your up for it. We're headed to Funky Buddha, I trust you know it?"

Harry: Of course we do and do you know who you're talking too?

"Let me guess a One Direction member, also don't forget that I'm not an actually a fan and I don't pay attention to all the gossip that goes on in the media."

Harry: Right, I forgot sorry and for your information we can party just as hard as you girls can, maybe even harder.

"No problem, but I don't know you like your fans and mates do so why don't you come and prove it to me? Also you don't know how my girls and I party, how can you be so sure?

Harry: I'll have to ask my lads if they're up for it, and I'm not so sure I guess I'll just have to find out.

After he said that I heard a honk coming from outside, it was from Nikki's car and she was telling me to come on.

"Well when you do ask you know where to find me, and I guess you will just have to find out" I said while slowly walking to the door of the shop.

Harry: Wait! Can I at least know your name first?

"I guess you just have to go to Funky Buddha, to find out, or not your choice." I replied while walking out of the shop and into the car.

Nina: What the hell was that, were you just flirting with Harry Styles?

So thats what his name was.

"I don't know, I guess I was sort of. By the way are we headed to Funky Buddha?" I asked trying to change the subject. But it didn't work.

Nikki: Yes we are, and don't try to change the subject missy you have a lot of explaining to do.

I told them everything and told them that I invited them to join us, a couple minutes later we arrived at Funky Buddha.

Nikki: Wow! I didn't think you had that much courage.

"Yea thanks" I said with sarcasm in my voice.

Nikki: No problem

Nina: We're here girls now lets go and get drunk!" Nina said while getting out of the car making us all laugh at what she said. 

We got out the car and headed in, Nikki made reservations for a booth close to the dance floor and we sat down. Annie went to get drinks while we scanned the room looking to see if there were any hot guys around. I was of course caught looking for Harry and his friends.

Nina: Its a long shot Mimi, I don't think they are going to come. They are really famous do you think they will want to hang out with a bunch of normal 19 year old girls instead of a bunch of celebrities?

"Maybe your right, whatever lets go dance after we get a little drink." I said a little bummed but it quickly changed when Annie came with a tray full of beers. 

Nikki: Oh my gosh, Annie how did you get them to give all of this to you?

Annie: A little cleavage and flirting, doesn't take much to be honest.

We all laughed at her and started drinking. A couple minutes after that we were just sitting at the booth and talking for a little while longer. Just then I saw 4 tall figures in the corner of my eye coming towards us, I turned and saw that it was Harry and his bandmates.


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