Truth or Dare?

Mimi got dared to ask for an autograph and a picture to a band that she's not even a fan of. When they start talking and flirting, where does or when does the night finally end?


1. Dare?

Mimi's POV

Hi my name is Mimi and I am finally fucking 19! I felt like 18 was to long for me. Well in 18s defense I do get to drink now, legally that is. Doesn't mean I didn't drink before or anything just when I turned 18 I just got to drink legally. Anyway, today's my birthday and I didn't want to celebrate it I just wanted to have a movie marathon to celebrate, but my best friend, Nikki, decided that I was going to spend it getting wasted and hooking up with someone. The best way to spend it, right? Well not for me i've done one night stands before, but I just don't like them, I find them incredibly stupid and a waste of time, but no offense to the people who do have them, just do what you gotta do. Nikki was coming by to pick me up at 8pm and right now it was 6:38pm. So I decided to start getting ready.

I took a shower and started getting ready.(All outfits at the bottom) I curled my dark brown hair lightly leaving it to fall wavily down to half of my back. By the time I was done with everything Nikki texted me saying she was outside of my flat. I live with my brother that is 2 years older than me but he is away at college so he stays at the dorms, but technically he lives with me and my parents live about an hour away. 

Nikki and I have this thing where she is to lazy to come up to my flat and ring the door bell so she just texts me most of the time when she gets here. I looked in the mirror once more to check if I was presentably, and I think I looked pretty good for a birthday girl. Even though I didn't want to go out to celebrate my birthday I was pretty excited.

I went out to see Nikki and my other 2 best friends, Annie and Nina all waiting outside of Nikki's Range Rover, waiting for me to come down. Annie was the first to come up to me and hugged me and the others soon followed. Nikki's blonde hair was straitened, Nina's hair(showed below along with her outfit), and Annie's black hair was also curled tightly then ran through a brush.

"Happy birthday, you fucking 19 year old, you are so lucky today is my day off!" Annie said excitedly giving me the biggest bear hug in the entire world. 

"Thanks love, and yes I am lucky todays your day off, I don't think today would be the same without you!" I said getting out of her unbearable bear hug.

Nikki: Happy Birthday love

"Thanks "

Nina: Happy Birthday love, and can I say that you look absolutely gorgeous in that dress?

"Well yes you may, and thank you love. Right back at chu"

Everyone said thanks.

Nikki: You ready? Lets get going

Nikki hoped in the car and we followed.

"Where are we headed first?" I asked curiously, knowing that we would be going to more then one place tonight.

Annie: It's a secret

"Fine" I said without putting up a fight. I wasn't that curious.

About 10 minutes later the car stopped in front of a little coffee/tea shop that I have been going to since I was a little girl. They literally had the best drinks in the world here and I would always come here after school during high school. We walked in and the smell of tea and biscuits and a hint of coffee hit us and it was the greatest smell you could get. We all ordered tea, and 2 biscuits, because we wanted to save space for the alcohol later the night.

We got bored so we decided to play truth or dare. Just when Annie was going to do a dare 4 guys walked in looking very handsome and sexy in their casual outfits in the coffee/tea shop and went to order then sat down on the other side of the shop. They looked familiar but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. The other girls weren't paying attention, they were to into the game. I think one of the boys caught me looking over at them, but looked away and got back to his conversation.

Nikki: Mimi, Truth or Dare?







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