Mad Hatter |M•C|

"All the best people are crazy."


7. 6

Alex's POV

I went back home thinking about what Michael had called me.

Someone for the first time called me beautiful.

It was even weirder because Michael calls all his victims "princess" instead of "beautiful".

Could Michael really....No.He doesn't actually have a crush on me.

Probably just a new trick of his.

I decided to call Ash.


A-hey Ash can you come over today?

As-sure I'll be there in 5.

A-Okay I'll see you soon.

*End of phone call*

As I waited for Ash,I decided to smoke.

As I finished,Ashton had finally knocked on the door.

"Hey Ash I really need to talk to you." I said.

"Okay what is it." Ash said.

"Does Michael ever call his sex toys "beautiful"?" I asked

"No he only calls them "princess" why?" Ashton asked.

"Because today I skipped class with him and he called me "princess" at first then he called me "beautiful".

"That's rare." Ashton said. "Maybe he like you."

"Yeah I doubt it." I said.

"Why?" Ashton asked.

"Think about it. It's Michael Clifford. A fuck boy. Fuck boys don't have crushes." I explained.

"Yeah well I still think that Michael likes you." Ash said.

Even if Michael liked me,I don't like him back...Right?

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