Mad Hatter |M•C|

"All the best people are crazy."


6. 5

Alex's POV

My mind kept saying no but my body said yes.

I'd hate to admit it but Michael was good.

I felt his hand going up my thigh and up my skirt.

Before things got any further,I slapped his hand away.

He looked at me confused.

"I don't mess with fuck boys." I smirked.

I got my bag and before leaving out the door,I said "I'll be back tomorrow."

Michael lived right across from my house.

I unlocked my door and went in my bed room.

I threw my bag on the floor and stripped from my clothes to take a shower.

But as I was stripping from my clothes,I looked across from my window to see Michael staring at me.

I knew he wanted me bad. But now,I'm going to play with his mind.

I smirked at him and winked.

I got in the shower.

I took off my make up.

Finished showering,and dried myself.

Since it was only 2:30 pm,I decided to wear black shorts,a dark gray long sleeved shirt,black knee socks,black doc martens,dark red lipstick,black eyeliner,and I straighten my hair.

I went outside and grabbed a rock.

I started throwing it at Michael's window to get his attention.

After 3 throws,I had his attention.

He opened the window.

"Did you like what you see earlier?" I smirked.

"Actually, I did." Michael responded. "And I wanna see more."

He came down stairs.

"You can see more if your a good boy,Clifford." I whispered in his ear.

"Yeah well then princess is going to have to be good for daddy then." Michael smirked.

"Then if princess has I be good,then daddy won't get what he wants." I smirked back.

"Don't you worry beautiful,one day I will have you." Michael winked and walked back inside.

Did...he just call me...beautiful?

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