Mad Hatter |M•C|

"All the best people are crazy."


5. 4

Alex's POV

Michael pulled up in front of a nice ass house.

He got out and so did I.

I followed him inside.

I followed him to a room full of video games,all of which I recognized.

He turned on the TV and started playing with his group of friends at school,which included Ashton.

"Alex,keep playing for me,I'm going to get us a snack." Michael said and handed me the controller.

I started playing when I heard the boys talking.

"Was Michael talking to a girl?". Luke Hemmings.

"What was her name? Alexis,Alexa? I don't know. Probably that crazy girl from school." Calum Hood.

"Her name is Alex." Ash said.

"Whatever. She's still crazy as shit." Calum said.

"Believe what you want you asshole." I said into the microphone.

"Hiiii Alex." Ash said.

"Alex! Can you come help me?" Michael yelled.

"Hold on Michael needs me." I said and put the game on pause.

I went to the kitchen.

I didn't see Michael.

Out of nowhere,I felt someone pin me against a wall and started kissing me.


I knew Michael was a fuck boy,but I found myself kissing back.

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