Mad Hatter |M•C|

"All the best people are crazy."


4. 3

Alex's POV

"What do you want,Clifford." I say as Michael approaches me and I put the cigarette back in my mouth,inhaling smoke.

Michael takes the cigarette out of my lips and puts it out.

When he looks at me,I blow the smoke in his face.

"I was done with that anyways." I said.

I turn on my heel to the other direction and walk away.

"Why do you smoke?" Michael yells. I keep on walking. "It can kill you and give you cancer."

"Oh yeah? Well that's what I was going for!" I yelled back.

"It's true what people say about you." Michael said as he caught up to me.

"You really are crazy." Michael says. "I didn't think someone could be so suicidal."

"Oh really?" I say. "Then why don't you go and ask your best friend Ashton why he wears so many bracelets."

Ashton Irwin is my best friend. I love him like a brother. Only I know why he wears bracelets.

Because he self harms just like I do.

Expect I do it worse.

"Wanna go skip class?" Michael asks me.

"Since when are you so nice to me?" I ask.

"You know,I'm not as bad as you think I am." Michael says.

I laugh.

"Okay,so,you say that using girls as your sex toy isn't bad?" I said.

"Okay,I admit that is bad but once you get to know me,I'm not so bad." Michael says.

"Okay fine. I'll skip class with you." I said.

"Okay let's go." Michael says.

"Where do you wanna go?" I ask.

"Let's go to my house." Michael said.

"What about your parents." I say.

"I don't live with them." Michael says.

"Me either. My parents said if I smoked again in the house I would have to live alone." I said.

Finally,we got to Michaels car.

I got in and so did he.

"So,what are gonna do in your house?" I asked.

"We can watch a movie." Michael said. "Or play video games. It's up to you."

"Play video games." I said.

"Okay I guess we can play Call Of Duty with the guys." Michael said.

I nodded in response.

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