Mad Hatter |M•C|

"All the best people are crazy."


3. 2

Alex's POV

I woke up to the sound of my alarm.

Ugh. Time for the hell hole.

I went into my bathroom and looked in the mirror.

Maybe I should dye my hair again.

But I like it blue.

Hmm. Maybe I can do it half blue half black? Yeah. I'm sticking with blue and black. (PLEASE NOTE THAT ALEX WILL BE PLAYED BY MELANIE MARTINEZ)


After a while of rubbing black hair dye on half of my head,I finally washed my hair.

While I washed it off I showered.

I got out of the shower and brushed my teeth. I blow dried my hair and put it into two pigtails.

I decided on wearing a black leather skirt,black long sleeved crop top,which looked like a bra but it isn't,black and white knee socks,black combat boots,and a black leather jacket.

For makeup,I decided to only do eyeliner,and a dark red lipstick.

I grabbed my black leather backpack,grabbed my cigarette pack and a lighter and my phone.

I left my house and went on my way to school.

I went to my English class which is my first class,and I was 15 minutes late.

"Well,Ms Carter,what's the excuse this time?" Mr Robbins asked.

"Can't you tell the difference in my hair? I dyed it obviously." I said pointing to my head.

I sat down in my normal seat and didn't pay attention to anything the teacher was saying.

Class soon ended and I went back to my locker.

After a long weekend without my piercings,I decided to put them on.

Next class I had was history.

I was able to get through history with out being yelled at.

After history was lunch.

For lunch break,we get an hour and a half to go out and eat.

We can actually leave the school and get real food. Or we could just eat the horrible lunch meat.

I decided to go out and smoke a cigarette.

Once I got out,I took out my pack,took out a cigarette,and my lighter.

I placed the cigarette between my teeth and lit it.

As I inhaled the smoke from it,I blew it out.

From the corner of my right eye,I could see someone walking up to me.

Michael Clifford.

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