Mad Hatter |M•C|

"All the best people are crazy."


2. 1

Alex's POV

You may know me as "the craziest person ever".

People call me that because I smoke in front of my teachers,drink in school,and I even slapped a teacher.

Everyone is scared of me. Except for the most popular girls in school.

Britney,Ashley,and the sluttiest girl in school,Anna.

Anna used to be my best friend in middle school but that changed when she stole my boyfriend in year 8.

Anna had forced me into drinking and smoking and now I'm addicted.

Then there's Michael Clifford.

It wouldn't be a lie if I said that he's hot.

He really is.


He's a fuck boy.

He likes to get in girls panties and when he does he leaves them.

Another reason why people call me crazy is because I've tried killing myself.

Many times.

I live alone now.

My parents said if I smoked one more time in the house they would kick me out. Now I live alone.

When I was twelve, I got my lip pierced and when I was thirteen I got my eyebrows pierced.

I started dying my hair at fourteen.

Now I have blue hair.

My original hair color is black and I have green eyes.

I wear a lot of black and listen to a lot of rock music.

Enough about me.

Everyone can be Alice,I'll be the Mad Hatter.

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