Cliche Competition


1. Dentist



My name is Lila Brownette and that was my very cliche alarm clock 'awakening'.

Let me tell you about myself, I live in the fan fiction called Dentist. It's supposed to be about a dentist, but our founder probably just chose a random word to call this fan fiction. People say that the name is poorly chosen and that we are allowed to have fan fiction names with two words, but we have what we have.

My name was going to be Lily Brown, but my parents remembered the Cliche Competition. You need a unique name to go far in the Cliche Competition.

The cliche competition is what every eligible teenage girl prepares for. In the five main fan fictions in the globe everyone tries to out-cliche each other so they can move on to out-cliche people from other fan fictions. That's basically all we know about it. Every ten years the Cliche Competition is different. And it happens every ten years.

So yeah, it's always different.

Honestly, I think I am the most cliche girl in my town, which is basically what gets you into the Cliche Competition this round. Last time the Competition happened they announced the winner of the ENTIRE fan fiction and the girl got trampled by a crowd of very irritated teenage girls. Whoever runs the Cliche Competition divided the fan fiction up and the most popular part got to participate this time, it's the same with the other fan fictions.

The cliche competition has a dark side. If you go on to out-cliche foreigners everybody hates you, and since there's no point in acting respectful and nice anymore people will hate on you in social media, vandalize your house, and hit you with a car. If you win the entire cliche competition people will secretly hate you.

No one wants to disrespect the role model of the year, richest girl in the world, and winner of the Cliche Award.

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