The Beggining (avengers)

This is it. This is the end. I can't get to the portal I can't escape.

" Is she ready"
"No sir, she has yet to corporate" the short reply from the soldier came.
" bring him in."
"Yes sir, hail HYDRA"


1. the game

" I'm sorry Lilly I've got to put her in the water," the pained words came from his lips hushed and quivering as if they pained him.

"Steve you don't have to do this I have Howa..." I argue with Steve.

"No, Lilly this thing has bombs rigged to head to New York I have to put her in the water'" Steve points out "I'll have to get a rain check on that dance."

"Next week Saturday at the stork club at 8:00 don't be late" I barley choke out. Tears rollin down my cheeks.

"I wouldn't miss it for the world" was his short reply.

"I can't lose you to Steve" I stutter out.

"You won't I promise" he states. A loud crash then static following it shows he crashed the plane.

"Steve" I cry out. Only static replays to my call. " Steve " I call out again. Knowing there will be no answer because Steve crashed his plane and he was now dead. They were both dead Steve and Bucky my best friends are dead because of HYDRA because of this damned war.



I am pulled out of my last memory of Steve by a needle being inserted into my dirty and blood stained skin. I am used to the prick of the needle and pain that usually followed after. The yellowish liquid was injected into me as if I was a lab rat. Which I guess to them I am. That or a punching bag, I am not sure what is worse. The pain spread through my chains like a wildfire. I gritted my teeth preventing myself from screaming as loud as possible. The pain felt as if it was eating me alive. If I could I would check to see if my skin was disintegrating. But the cuffs on my chair prevented me from doing that. I squeezed my eyes shut so I wouldn't have to see myself disintegrate into nothingness. I couldn't eve get a chance to dodge the fireballs thrown at me from the inside. The pain was killing me but it always could've been worse. The shackles are unlocked as I am thrown over someone's shoulder like a hackysack. Probably being carried back to my cell to be chained and then tortured by him. HYDRA did something to him. Wiped him clean of any memory's of his past life. Except all the details about me. Effective to torture me more. The pain comes back in a huge wave of fire soon disappearing and I got a feeling it had stopped.


"I heard that you haven't been cooperating" he sneers at me, pulling out a small sharp knife. "We haven't found Stevie yet so you will have to do," he replays in a deadly tone, fling the small knife at me hitting right where he wanted it. The knife sends a sharp pain through my left leg. The knife hitting right below the knee, opening a few cuts that surrounded it. I bit my lip hard to hold back the scream causing blood to flow from it. " I have a game to play" he says amused, walking up to me and grabbing my arm and pinning it against the wall with his cold metal one. "Cat and mouse" he pauses briefly for effect. "You run I catch you, you can go anywhere and if I find you in a week than when you don' t cooperate I personally will go find and kill Stevie poo myself. With this he tares the chains off of my arms and legs. "The game has begun."

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