"Heaven!" I yelled. "Heaven come find me!"
"I think She's crazy." Said Zack. Mark walked next to me.
"I love you, and I don't know what's going on, but I'm worried for you." Mark Whispered into my ear.
"Heaven!" I called out again as I ran outside.


1. Hi There

  My brown hair waved around in the wind as I walked alongside a river at sunset on Tuesday. As my heels trotted across the dirt road I kicked a rock. The rock tumbled into the river with a splash. A bunny on the other side of the river was startled and ran into the bushes. Behind me I head foot steps. I turned to see who it was. Unknown to my eye, a guy walked by at to me.

  "Why all you all by yourself?" He asked.

  "Hi There." I said instead of answering his question.

  "Hi, can I join you?" He asked.

  "Sure." I replied.

   "So, do you like sports or did you kick that rock just because?" He asked

 "I like some sports." I said. "What do you play?"

  "Lets see, I play baseball, Soccer, Football and Basketball." He said.

 "I play Basketball sometimes. Football is too complicated." I said. He laughed.

 "Whats your name?" He asked.

  "Cat," I said. "You?"

  "Mark." He replied. The sun was just about to set and it was hard to make my way home through the dark.

  "Um, its getting dark, I have to go - I'll be here tomorrow though." I said. Then the very next second it was pitch dark. Without saying bye, without getting an answer I ran twords the direction of my house, trying to beat the darkness home. Sadly, as light, nobody is faster.


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