"Heaven!" I yelled. "Heaven come find me!"
"I think She's crazy." Said Zack. Mark walked next to me.
"I love you, and I don't know what's going on, but I'm worried for you." Mark Whispered into my ear.
"Heaven!" I called out again as I ran outside.


3. Heaven

   We talked some more and be made me blush some more. That night when I got home I realized I might like him. The next morning I texted my best friend Crystal and told her about my problem.

     "I really like him, but I have a boyfriend." I told her.

     "Then break up with him - problem solved." Said Crystal.

     "His mom died less then a week ago can you save him the heart break?" I asked her.

     "Then your screwed." Crystal told me. I took a deep breath and texted Jake that we should break up.

      I went out to the river and saw a bunny by the bank. 

     "Hey There." I said to the bunny. "Aren't you so peaceful?" 

     As the bunny hopped along i took out a large bottle of beer and chugged it down. Then the bunny hopped pass again. I released the beer bottle from my hands and it fell into the river. 

   "Hey bunny, Go right for heaven, Left for hell." I said drunkly. The bunny hopped right. "I'm gonna name you heaven." I told the bunny. The bunny hopped away into the forest. Mark started to walk towards me until I got up and ran after Heaven.

   "Heaven, come back!" I yelled. Zach come from the opposite side and saw me run in. 

   "Cat?" Zach questioned. Both boys dove in after me but I just tried to find Heaven,

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