Best Friends (Sam Wilkinson FamFic)

Sirena and Sam have been best friends for about 6 years now what will happen when they tell each other the truth!!

Find out!

There is cursing in this whole story!


17. Time Together but this is so wrong

it was 11 in the morning when we wake up. I was up first. I just laid there and stared at Sammy's face. I was so happy to be Sammy's only. Even though Andy was looking at me for the longest time I didn't care. So I removed Sammy's arms from my waist and got up slowly. I noticed that somebody else was missing from the area. So, I went outside and I saw Andy in the pool just chilling. I was wondering why he was up so early and why he was in the pool swimming. Probably to calm down I don't know why.


"Hey why are u in the pool by your self?" I questioned Andy as I sat by the pool side.


"Oh I was just clearing my mind from last night. I just needed a little leeway from everyone. I just couldn't stop thinking about....... nevermind" Andy explained.

I knew right away he was talking about me. So I got undressed I had a bikini on so I slid in the pool right next to him.


"Andy I know that you probably like me and I like you to but I'm with Sammy and I can't break his heart anymore. So one last time!!" I exclaimed as I made him face me.


"Sirena I don't like you. I love you and nobody knows that or understands that. Only I do. But I can't stop thinking about you all day and all night. I love you Sirena and if  I can't have you I understand that but I can't keep living like this and knowing that you like me to. I can't deal with that if you were mine we'd be going out everyday every night until the break of dawn. That's how much I love you!!" He exclaimed and wen to kiss my lips.

But I stopped him to say this.


"Andy to say the truth and nothing but the truth. I told Sammy this so he knows this but I love you and I know that you can't have me and I can't have you. So, we can do this one last time. We don't have to talk. We don't have to dance, we don't have to smile we don't have to make friends." I sang and I kissed Andy on the lips then he pulled away and sang.

"Its so nice to meet you, lets never meet again, we don't have to talk, we don't have to dance" Andy sang and then kissed me again but we went underwater and kissed so that Sammy didn't see.


Then we came back up and we were standing right next to each other in the pool. I then took my hand and I ran it down to Andy's pants and I slid in there and I started to give him a hand job. Then he took his hand and started to rub me through my bikini bottoms. I was so in love with him right now. So, as I was doing that I started to look at him and moan and I was so afraid of who would find us.


Me and Andy got out of the pool and we got changed and then wrote a note saying that we went out to go get brunch technically for everyone. So we would be back in a few.


We went in the car and we got to the parking lot Andy wanted to go to and we stayed in the car and went in the back seat and locked the car doors and started to make out with each other. We were having a really good time with each other. I was so good with everyone but I don't know what Sammy is gonna think were actually doing.


Andy went down on me first and then  he said

"Sirena can we please."

"Why not but do u have a condom?"
"Yep I always have them in the car."

"Oh ok then"


Andy started to strip his jacket then I took off my shirt and then he removed his shirt to. So I was just like oh damn baby. I just stared and started to kiss him again. Andy then took off my shorts. I removed his pants and I just was scared but happy as hell at the same time. Me and Andy had to finish stripping. So, I pulled off his boxers and started to jerk him off. Then he unclipped my bra and pulled my panties down. I was ready. He then entered me as he stared into my eyes. He started to go very slowly inside of me and I started to moan like fuck.


Then I demanded him to go faster. He just grabbed my boobs as he fucked me harder. As I was laying there he was fucking me as hard as he wanted too. So, he was happy as fuck and you know what Andy  has to know and understand that we can never do this again with each other. So we were done we got changed went into the front seat and went and got food for everybody. Then we headed back to the house with the food. Everybody was up and ready to eat. now.















What will everybody think that we were actually doing??


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