Best Friends (Sam Wilkinson FamFic)

Sirena and Sam have been best friends for about 6 years now what will happen when they tell each other the truth!!

Find out!

There is cursing in this whole story!


18. Thoughts

      Everybody was thinking that I was fucking Andy and doing a whole bunch of shit with Andy to piss off Sammy. I wasn't cause if I was I would've done it in the house with everybody knowing and you know what I love Sammy but you know what let everybody think what they want to think me and Andy were doing. Cause you know I'm still drunk from last night and I'm still high so I don even fucking know what me and Andy just did. So, I'm fucking done with everybody thinking that I'm trying to get away from Sammy and trying to get away from everybody I'm done.


  Me and Andy walked into the house and everybody said in unison.

"THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!!" they looked right at me.


"What the fuck did I do now?" I questioned.


"You're trying to get away from Sammy and all of us. And that's why you're fucking around with Andy." Skate yelled.


"Woah what the fuck are you talking about. I'm not trying to get away from you guys or Sammy. Second of all I'm not fucking around with Andy. Where the fuck did you get that from." I screamed at the top of my fucking lungs.


"Well Twitter and Instagram and Snapchat and Facebook and even TMZ got it." Jack J said.


"Got what??" Andy questioned.


"You guys having sex in a car going to burger king to get food. Like obviously that's what couples anmd fuck arounders do." Jack G replied.


"First of all we aren't having sex or fucking around. Second of all me and Sirena are just friends I would never want to get her away from you guys or Sammy! I love you all and I don't want to have me and Sirena go or even have her relationship torn apart." Andy explained.


"Ok so why don't you explain it to Sammy upstairs in your room." They said.


"They don't have to. I heard everything." Sammy said.


I ran to him but he didn't look happy and he was pissed off and mad and he must think its true.


"what's the matter??" I questioned.


"IDK why don't you and your little fuckboy over here tell me." Sammy said looking at Andy.


" Were not lying and you know what Sammy if you don't believe me. If none of you believe me or Andy. I'll just leave. And Sammy I guess were done since you think everything you heard is a lie from our mouths and what's on the internet is true. You know what we are through since I can't have a boyfriend that thinks his girlfriend is a liar a cheater and a slut. So I guess I'll go pack and leave today." I explained as I ran up the stairs crying and yelling at the same time.


"Wait no Sirena. I don't want you to leave." Jack Johnson yelled and stood up.


He went to stop me but I pushed him out and closed the door and he went back downstairs and all I heard was:

"whenever you get a girl Sammy you either don't believe when they tell the truth or think their lying to you. And you know what Sirena is a beautiful, pretty, amazing girl with and awesome personality. I know her she wouldn't lie to you. But now since she's leaving I can't have a girl that I can tell everything to. I had her as a friend and now if  I want to see her I have to go to her house and see her all upset because she broke up with you and you don't believe her. All I have to say is thanks a lot Sammy!!" Jack J explained and ran out the door.


I wanted to go and hug him for saying that but I wasn't going to since I wanted to finish packing all of my stuff up and then just leave. I finished in about 15 minutes. Put my headphones in and then I started to walk down the stairs and I noticed that they were all upset as I walked down. I was still leaving whether they wanted it or not I was gonna do it anyway.


I walked out the door and Skate, Jack J, Jack G, Justin, Bree,Amber, and everybody else except Sammy were standing outside. I didn't know where Sammy was but I didn't care since he didn't care enough that I was leaving. I put all of my bags in my car and I opened the drivers side door and I turned around to see Sammy on one knee with a box that said I promised that I'd never leave you or let you leave my side. 


Then he stood up and said:


"Sirena you have been my best friend for the longest time ever and now you're my girlfriend. I love you. And you know what I don't give a shit what people say you did even though you might have did it or might have not did it. But I love you and I will never stop. I will always be there for you and you know what you aren't leaving this house unless I'm going with you. That's final and I don't give a flying fuck about what people say or do to you but if they hurt you so bad that it hurts more than usual I will have to kill them or hunt them down. Just because you're a normal person doesn't mean you don't have feelings. I love you baby and I never want to let you go. So, Sirena Babe will you stay and never leave me??" Sammy said with passion. 


I started crying and I didn't saying anything all I did was run to him and hug him. I just couldn't stop hugging him and I didn't want to leave anymore. I saw his eyes getting teary and I just kissed him right on his lips and then he took the promise ring and put it on my finger and I loved it and him even more. I just can't believe I was about to leave the love of my life and my best friends for something so ridicules that I knew was true but I couldn't tell Sammy that it was otherwise I would fucking die and never see Sammy again.



Sammy then carried me up to our room shut the door and locked it and then we were about to have makeup sex and promise sex technically. Sammy took off his shirt and I took off mine. I then ripped off his pants since he always rips mine off. Then he ripped mine off. We began he put a condom on and entered me fast as fuck and he was actually and it hurt when he did it but it felt kind of good.


Then he started going faster.


I started screaming


"Yes daddy omg fuck me harder daddy yes. Fuck me harder Daddy yes!!"


"Yeah baby do you like that. Yeah you like me inside of your tight pussy getting you all wet. Yeah baby yeah. I know you love it. Come on scream my name."


"Daddy yes Daddy yes!!"


"Cum on my dick come on baby cum on my dick.'


"OMG I'm gonna cum OMG OMG OMG!!"




We were done in 20 minutes since it was fast.



Then we took a shower got changed and laid back done.

It was 12:00 midnight. we were right to sleeping when we were done and then I had a dream about something kind of good but kind of bad at the same time.

























What was my dream??

Srry I haven't been writing I've been having a lot of test and homework lately.

Love you guys so much. I will update soon!!


Hugs & Kisses





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