Best Friends (Sam Wilkinson FamFic)

Sirena and Sam have been best friends for about 6 years now what will happen when they tell each other the truth!!

Find out!

There is cursing in this whole story!


13. Sleepover time

The party was over and the sleepover was about to begin in about an hour. since there was still people here that weren't sleeping over lol.


The list of people sleeping over tonight:

1.Justin Bieber

2.Taylor Caniff


4.Jack Johnson

5.Jack Gilinsky

6.Nash Grier

7.Troye Sivan

8.Selena Gomez

9.Luke Brooks

10.Jai Brooks

11.Carter Reynolds

12.Cameron Dallas

13.Daniel Skye

14.Christian Collins

15.Luke Hemmings

16.Calum Hood

17.Kenny Holland

18.Travis Mills

19.Carlos Santiago

20.Joselito Paz

21.Amber Ilg

22.Bree Lockwood

23.Janabi Castillo

24.Andy Biersack

25.Keaton Stromberg

26.Grayson Dolan

27.Ethan Dolan

28.Beau Brooks

29.Aaron Carpenter

30.Wesley Stromberg


So those were all of the people sleeping over tonight at our house. I really didn't care cause most of them are my best friends so u know I'm all good. LOL


So we set up in the living room right by the couches and the flat screen. So, Sammy decided to do one of his games. I was not ready for any of these games. cause they might make me and Sammy get into another  fight especially this game that were about to play now. He wants to play truth or dare. I'm so screwed cause I cant tell the actual truth because Sammy will hate me and he will never talk to me again or even want to be friends with me either. Welp I guess I'm still gonna have to lie even if I pick truth.


"Ok Skate you go first." Sammy said.

"Sirena Truth or Dare!" Skate asked me.

"Truth!!" I answered.

"Is it true that you liked me lil mama for the longest time ever but you didn't tell me because u liked Sammy." Skate explained.


"Yes I had the biggest fucking crush on you but it wasn't because Sammy came around. its because Sammy had the balls to ask me out. I didn't have the balls to ask you out. That's the truth." I explained looking straight at skates face.


"Oh Ok so if I asked you out first you would've said yes." Skate questioned.

"Maybe." I answered.

"Ok Sirena your turn!" Sam said looking at my face.

"Bree Truth or Dare."

"Dare" Bree answered.

"I dare you to go behind Nash since he's not paying attention and turn his head and kiss him right on his lips." I dared bree.

"Ok." bree said.

Bree went right behind Nash and creepily turned his head and smashed her lips right onto his baby pink ones. Then Bree went to go back by Amber but Nash pulled her back and kissed her again and said ill see u later aye.


"This is the last Truth or Dare." I said. " So we can start watching this movie and then we'll play another game after the movie."


Everybody agreed.


"Ok Bree your turn." I said.


"Andy truth or dare!!" Bree questioned andy.

"Dare." Andy answered.

"Pick one girl in this room to take to another room and stay in that room with that girl for about 20-25 minutes and get to know each other." Bree explained.

"Ok." Andy looked at all of the girls and he spotted me and he picked me to do this dare with.

"I pick Sirena for this one." Andy said right to Sammy and Bree.

"Ok have fun and don't do anything bad with each other." Sammy said and kissed me right on my lips.




Me and Andy went into mine and Sammy's room and we started to talk until Andy came towards me and he kissed my perfectly pink lips. I loved it but I had Sammy and he's the only one I need. But maybe I want Andy at the same time. I don't know what or who I want right now.





















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