Best Friends (Sam Wilkinson FamFic)

Sirena and Sam have been best friends for about 6 years now what will happen when they tell each other the truth!!

Find out!

There is cursing in this whole story!


25. Skate's Part Time Girlfriend!!

*This is off topic but I am giving Skate a part time girlfriend since there is an amazing person that wants to date him.*



Skate was at the coffee shop and he saw a girl. she was beautiful. She had long blonde/brown hair. She had that silky kind of touch too it that just wanted you to grab it and play with it. she had amazing blue eyes and her lips were perfect for skate. So Skate had the balls and he went up to her.



"Hello." the girl said.

"I just wanted to say your very cute." skate replied.

"Oh thank you your not to bad yourself."

"Thank you. So whats your name!" Skate questioned.

"My name is Louis. How about yours?" Louis questioned as she replied to skate's question.

"Oh that's a pretty name. My name is Skate!"

"Oh that's really cool. I love to skate." She said to him.

"So do you want to get a coffee and hang out and talk. It's up to you. you don't have to." Skate said.

"Yes I would love to." She replied.

Then they went up to the coffee guy and asked for what they wanted and waited. As they waited they started to talk. Skate was so happy to find a girl. Even though he wanted one of my friends. But I guess not. Now I'm telling you now I've never met this girl. But her name does sound familiar. Anyways they got their coffee and walked out of the shop. Even though it was cool out now Skate offered his jacket to Louis and she was very happy. She kind of blushed. Now they went to the park and just walked around for a little bit to just talk and get to know each other. Now Skate smokes he drinks he does everything but what he doesn't do is break girls hearts. Cause the girls break his heart. Its a big twist. But I think he's going to last with this girl. Well I mean for a little bit of time. Like for 4 weeks tops. Until she finds out that he smokes and drinks and does everything else all the time.


I'm happy for Skate don't get me wrong but if this girl starts liking him and then finds all of that stuff out and she gets really upset and cant deal with it. I'm going to be very upset for her and for Skate.


Skate and Louis exchanged numbers and went their separate ways. Skate came back home and Louis came to her halt and remembered she still had Skate's jacket on. Skate remembered to. He started to waltz back to where they left each other and they met each other half way. Louis was all red because she was happy but yet she was very embarrassed for forgetting to give him his jacket back. But they were happy they got to see each other again.


Then they finally left each other and they were all smiles when they fled their separate ways again. But maybe this will last.


Maybe it can be a forever for Skate. Maybe. We will have to find out!!

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