Best Friends (Sam Wilkinson FamFic)

Sirena and Sam have been best friends for about 6 years now what will happen when they tell each other the truth!!

Find out!

There is cursing in this whole story!


21. Skate kissed me WTF!

   Instead of running behind my baby Skate walked in front of me and he kissed me on my lips. I was shocked but yet it felt good. But why the fuck did he just kiss me is my question I need to know the answer for.


"Skate can I talk to you really quick by ourselfes??" I questioned and grabbed his arm and dragged him to the side.

"Sure lil mama." Skate answered biting his lip.

"Why did u just kiss me??" I asked.

"Cause your just so damn fine and I love you more than Sammy does. Sammy has hurt you so many times for stupid shit and I would never hurt you ever." Skate replied and went to kiss me but I stopped him.


"Stop trying to kiss me. I only need Sammy and just him. I'm sorry Skate but I'm dating Sammy and plus your my best friend and I know that Sammy was my best friend before but I've loved him for a very long time. And I love you to but I cant date you because I'm with Sammy and I can't be with 2 people at once. Only me and Sammy. I Love You Skate!! I just can't be with you. Do you ate me now??" I explained and questioned.


"Actually Sirena I love you to but I'm kind of upset that you can't date me. Maybe later on in the future. I hope Can I get a hug at least." Skate said.


I then went and hugged him and his hugs were so warm and he kissed my forehead and I felt so bad. I knew his birthday was coming up so maybe Sammy will let him be my boyfriend for a day. I guess that's something we will have to talk about and figure out with each other and see if it's cool with Sammy. He's a chill cool and fun loving boyfriend I think he will let me.



So we went back outside and we ate and then Sammy came up behind me and said that its a good idea. I guess he heard me talking to myself in my head. He said it was good with him. I was happy as fuck for him saying yes.



I walked by Skate and Jack G and I said I have a good birthday present for your birthday Skate lmao. I love you so much that I'm doing this.












What will happen next with his birthday and shit??



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