Best Friends (Sam Wilkinson FamFic)

Sirena and Sam have been best friends for about 6 years now what will happen when they tell each other the truth!!

Find out!

There is cursing in this whole story!


11. SEX TIME!! <3

Me and Sammy decided to do it before we have the party tonight.


we got into our room and we locked the door. We were prepared for this to go down. right here right now!!

So Sammy went and laid on the bed as I went and climbed right on top of him. Then I started to kiss his neck and then I went straight for his lips since I just have been wanting to kiss those baby pink lips for the longest time ever. Even though it's only been a week since I haven't seen him. He went to a bunch of meetings and shows for that week so I wasn't able to see him for that whole week.


Back to what we were getting on with.


So he looked at me straight into the eyes and he smashed his lips right onto mine and I was so in love with him right at this moment. Then we went and started to strip. I began to take off his shirt. then he took off mine. then it was his under shirt. then it was my pants and then his pants. After all of that my bra and my panties were last. Then took off his boxers. I was just like damn I haven't seen his penis in the longest time in  forever. I know this is kind of weird but I was actually really happy to see his dick again.




Anyways enough about his dick. lets get back to our sex scene before the party even starts. well then he put a condom on and he entered me and I was really ready for war .

*Punny its one of Sammy's songs lol*


Well then me and Sammy were just fucking as everything and everyone else were downstairs getting everything prepared for tonight. But you know if anybody flirts with any of my guys tonight I am going to fucking take a dagger and jab it right into their fucking hearts. So that they can never love anything or anyone ever again. I know that those 3 fucking bitches that tried to turn Carlos my crush and Joselito against me are going to fucking die if they enter this house.


plus I have the one invitation I sent to my two friends that are friends with them 3 and the text reads

'Party at my house

244 Cali Road

Starts at 8pm

bring all the friends you want.

but not those 3 bitches that u know I will fucking love to kill if I actually see them or even see them touch any of my famous friends!! Thanks you'


So they were warned so if they bring them 3 their all fucking leaving unless one of my celebrity friends are dating them in that case they are still leaving. And everyone that is coming knows that I fucking hate them and that I will kill them if they do show up. so they will kick them out of our fucking house.






Anyways me and Sammy were done so I sucked him off and then we got changed kissed and when back downstairs to where everybody was waiting for the party to begin with us. LMAO













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