Best Friends (Sam Wilkinson FamFic)

Sirena and Sam have been best friends for about 6 years now what will happen when they tell each other the truth!!

Find out!

There is cursing in this whole story!


19. My Dream! Good/Bad?



My dream was interesting to me anyways. I'm going to explain it right now to you all.


I was in the middle of the street when I heard a car coming towards me. Then I turned around and there was nothing there. I started running down the street crying thinking about losing my life or my friends and family. I needed my friends here with me. I have everything to lose right now. I was then woken up. But, I was still in my dream. Skate was there and so was Jack J & Jack G. I was confused where Justin, Andy, and Sammy were. So, I walked downstairs and went outside. I saw Justin and Andy but not Sammy. I needed to know where my baby was. I then walked around by Andy and I saw something, it was far away and it looked like Sammy. I couldn't deal with what it was. If Sammy was gone forever or just for a couple days. I don't know where he went or where he is. Then I walked towards the house and entered it and he was sitting right there on the couch by himself crying. I didn't know what to do. If he could see me or if he couldn't. So, I walked towards him and I said

"Babe are you okay?"

"Sirena is that you?"

"Yes Sammy it's me. I love you. but please tell me whats wrong?"

It's you. you're gone you're not really here. You're dead you died in a car accident. I tried to help. but it was to late. the car hit you and you fell straight to the ground. I tried and tried and I just couldn't do it. you were gone now you're gone forever. go into the light and don't return here just go home and be where you belong. In heaven. I love you my angel. and I will never forget you. you will always be by myself. From the day that I met you. you will always be by my side. I love you babe. but your being called to your new home. go babe go. I will meet you soon enough."


"Babe I'm not leaving you. You're my family my boyfriend and my friend. I'm not leaving your side unless your with me and were always with each other and never apart. I'll always have you in my head, my head, and my mind at all times. I'm not leaving you. Never in a  million years."


I then  became a 3D person and I forever will be with Sammy. And I will never leave his side. I will stay with him until the end. Were only 20 years old. But I will get my baby to be with me forever and ever till death do us part.





That's how the dream ended. I just woke up and I saw Sammy sitting up. Just staring at me. So, I looked right at him and I sat up and hugged him and kissed his perfectly pink plump lips. I couldn't resist anymore. I just attacked. I love Sammy and I can't ever leave his side. I need to be with him forever. He looked at me and said:

"What was that for?"

"I just love you so much and I don't want to die without you b y my side."

"I will never leave you baby you know that. I love you. I will never leave you ever. I got you in the palm of my hands and I'm not dropping you. I will hold onto you until we are together forever and I will catch you if you fall. I will always be there for you lil mama. I love you!!"

"I know but I just love you so much I can't............." He cut me off by grabbing my face and smashing his lips onto mine. They fit with mine perfectly. I just love him. And that's one reason why I do.



Me and Sammy laid in bed talking for about 25 minutes. I love sitting down talking to him and staring at his handsome face. We then got up and we started to get changed and then we walked downstairs. We were the only ones up. So, we decided to go outside and start a barbeque since it was around 12 in the afternoon. So, we started to cook some pancakes and bacon on the stove outside. It smelt so good.















What will happen next??






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