Best Friends (Sam Wilkinson FamFic)

Sirena and Sam have been best friends for about 6 years now what will happen when they tell each other the truth!!

Find out!

There is cursing in this whole story!


22. Kenny's Birthday

  So it's Kenny's Birthday. If you don't know who Kenny is it's Kenny Holland. We are all going out oday all day for his birthday. Were gonna be doing a whole bunch of shit. I can't wait. I invited him to the house so that we can all go together. I really just wanted to sit in between Sammy and Kenny since their both sexy as fuck.



So he go here and I jump on him cause Kenny has been one of my best friends since 2010. I mean I have always liked him but you know what Sammy felt the same way and I loved him a lot. Kenny was just always there and I was always considering him a friend. But I would actually date Kenny if he asked me first. Anyways we then got into the car and I said Sammy sit here and Kenny sit here. Then Skate sat across from me biting his lip with sad eyes. I mouthed to him for your birthday. Then, Kenny looked at me and said

"So Sirena how have you been I've missed u a lot.. It's been how long 5 years!" He said.


"Yep 5 years and I've been really good. We have to catch up with each other. We have to have a day when its just u and me and we hang out and do what we always did. I miss our little dates to play with each other. I love you Kenny and by the way Happy Birthday!" I said and pulled out an extra present I had bought him besides his other present.


"OMG Sirena you didn't." Kenny answered.

He opened the present and it's what he always wanted well what we always wanted. It was dog tags. His said Sirena a.k.a. Ms. Cupcake and then it said Kenny a.k.a. Mr.Cakey

Then the other dog tag on it said Sirena + Kenny=Best Friends est.2010.

Mine said the same thing. I was wearing them already. I pulled them out and he hugged me and he didn't want to let go. So, I looked at Sammy and said can I and I put my legs on Kenny's lap and he hugged me and held me for about 10 minutes.


Then I looked at Kenny and his eyes connected with mine and Sammy knew he always wanted to kiss me so Sammy let it happen since he knew it was gonna happen sooner or later. I was so happy that Kenny leaned in and kissed my lips. I wanted to attack him with kisses. All I did was lean in to and kiss him again back. I loved Kenny and I just couldn't stop but I had too.


I whispered in Kenny's ear

"We can finish this later!!" I then hugged him back and I just couldn't stop hugging him. I then got off of his lap and I hugged Sammy to help myself get off of Kenny's lap.


Then we arrived at the diner for breakfast.









What will happen at breakfast now??

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