Best Friends (Sam Wilkinson FamFic)

Sirena and Sam have been best friends for about 6 years now what will happen when they tell each other the truth!!

Find out!

There is cursing in this whole story!



It was around 7:30 now and people started to show up. Justin just got here first. then harry and niall and Louis and everybody came. then they showed up.


Alex, Sara ,and Karina are all here. Like why the fuck did they show up siama and Marissa knew that they are going to get kicked out if they don't leave right this instinct.


So I walked up to them with Justin and Sammy and Skate and the Jacks by my side.


"Um excuse me but you have to leave this party right now!!"


"No I actually don't." Alex said.

"Yes you do because, this is our house and our party that we are throwing so u can either leave or I can have the police come and escort u out. so pick the luck y choice."


"I think id rather stay and say I didn't see you fugly face!!"

"First of all she's not ugly." Sammy said.

"Second of all this our party and our house so we can kick u out if u don't leave and we can say u were trespassing where your not suppose." Justin said.

"Third of all you cant tell us what to do because as we all have been telling you three sluts that this is our house our party and u know what our rules." Jack Johnson said.

"Fourth I would just leave if I were you because you guys don't even know these people here and you know what your 2 other friends that we told not to let u come  are going to leave to. So adios" Jack Gilinsky.

"You know what I am usually attracted to mean girls that have some good vibes. but you 3 sluts aren't even close to the type I'm looking for in a girl. So you can either leave right now or you can just get beat up and we just have to say that you fell and broke your arm or your leg or your nose." Skate added.



With that they gave us the worst look ever and walked right out the door. I really didn't give two shits of what they thought of us now. because you know what we are happy as fuck as a family or as friends all together and you know what we are better together than those fucking stupid ass sluts that were here.

Now since they are gone we can start our games that we have planned out. There was a really good amount of people at our party. I would say there was about 45-70 people here!! LOL


first game we have is 7 minutes in heaven or hell.


"lets gather around in a circle right now. Amber is going to go first. so step into the closet."


I knew that she loved Calum so I made him go in there. The lights were on outside and then there was a light on in the closet too. All I heard was kissing noises. it was funny asf.


so since nobody else wanted to play I had to go in since they were done. They sent someone in I don't know who it was though. I stood there and waited 1 minute and then the person in the closet with me said so can we makeout now.


It was Justin. I know it was. well I mean it had to be. so we started to makeout and as we were he took off my blind fold and it was Justin so I was really shocked but happy as fuck. so we made it 7 minutes in heaven into 15 minutes in heaven.

Then me and Justin came out with smiles on our faces and I was glad that Sammy was there. but I didn't see him there so I walked around and then I found him. he was by the pool by the bar. I knew I shouldn't have decided to play these stupid petty ass games. I went right in front of Sammy I didn't care if he wanted me or not. but when I did that he just turned around and whispered in my ear did u enjoy ur new boyfriends lips. because me and u aren't dating anymore. I'm sorry to say that I ran and I went straight into our room. Skate saw me and he went by Sammy and said "what did u do to Sirena?"


"I didn't do anything I just told her that were done because she kissed Justin."


"WTF man now she's in your room crying her eyes out."


"Oh well not my problem she shouldn't have played that game and then kissed Justin either. Because you know what that's what got her in trouble in the first place."


"Your suck a dick Sam!!" Skate said and ran to Sammy's room to comfort me.


"Sirena are you ok??" He questioned as I shooked my head no he hugged me and said everything will be alright.


'Why do I always mess everything up. Even just between me and friends I mess everything up and I can never fix the cracks that I've made. I guess I'm a single lady now. OMG I hate the way that sounds. Skate I really need Sammy back." I cried out as I heard the door open and Sammy was standing there with tears in his eyes and he had a sad puppy dog face on.


I got up and I ran to him and I hugged him. I was so happy to be in his arms again. I've missed them. But then I woke up it was just a dream. I really need him back.


So, I went back downstairs to the party and Jack Gilinsky saw me and he hugged me so tight. I just needed that one hug that I will never have again. I just want Sammy to know that it didn't mean anything it was just a game and somebody picked him. All I want is to have Sammy here next to me and not drunk just sober. not high yet loving. I just need him back here. Like right now.


So I'm going to start Spin the Bottle truth or Dare version.


"Hey everybody come on over here we are going to play truth or dare now!" Jack J said out loud for everyone to come over. I hide behind everyone until I saw Sammy and everyone pushed him in the middle where I was and I started to sing a song.


'Since I first saw u,

I feel for you,

I didn't fall for what you looked like,

I fell for your personality and your image of being yourself.'

This is the song:

'Ever since I saw you then,

I started to believe,

that we were meant to be,

all I want is you to be here right next to me,

cause we gotta break free,

I know that you belive that we can make this decision on our own.' I stopped and Sammy snag.


'Were soaring slying

theres not a star in heaven that we can reach,

if your trying to get me back,

I doubt that it will appear to become true,

I think that we need to work these things out,

all I wanna know is wassup,

wassup babe,

wassup wassup babe,

I love you forever and ever.

You know that right?'


'now I know that since it didn't feel like it before,

I love you Sammy and there's not one person in this room that can change that.

except for the loving family and friends and room mates we have in this room with us right now!

I LOVE YOU SAMMY and now I know that you love me just as much as I love you.' I sang.

then me and Sammy kissed and we got back to our huge party we were having.






Sammy and I were stuck to each other the rest of the night so that everybody knew that we were each other's and nobody else's.






















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