Best Friends (Sam Wilkinson FamFic)

Sirena and Sam have been best friends for about 6 years now what will happen when they tell each other the truth!!

Find out!

There is cursing in this whole story!


14. Here We Come!!

Andy and I walked down the stairs and we tried not to make them notice us but Sammy right to me. He wanted me to be in his arms and his arms only.


I hugged Sammy back and when we sat down I was glued to Sammy I don't want to leave him anymore during this game. I love Sammy and im not gonna let anybody break us apart ever. We will be together until something horrible is going to happen to us.


Which in this case I don't think ever will??

Well Where were we now!!





























I will write more tomorrow it's just that I really need to get sleep so I can go to my concert tomorrow early so I get in before everyone else!!!




I promise I will write. ILY<3

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