Best Friends (Sam Wilkinson FamFic)

Sirena and Sam have been best friends for about 6 years now what will happen when they tell each other the truth!!

Find out!

There is cursing in this whole story!


23. Competition at Breakfast!🍳🍞

    As I went to sit down at the table Sammy and Kenny looked at the seat next to me and they were about to sit down but they both wanted to sit by me. so I decided lets take one seat put it next to my one side and the other on the other side. Well now since everyone's happy for where they are sitting lets order some food I got waffles with ice cream and whipped cream and some syrup. Then Sammy got the same thing just chocolate ice cream instead. then Kenny got the same but got coffee ice cream instead of strawberry or chocolate. Then it was a competition for who gets what and for what gets  the new beginning of Kenny's birthday day.

So all I yelled at them was:

"What the Fuck is wrong with you guys how about you shut the fuck up and get food and a drink and you just be done with it. Why do you have to be fighting over everything we are doing right here at breakfast like damn!!"


"Damn Lil Mama I didn't know you that in you! But I know why their fighting just come with me outside real quick and Ill explain it to u." Skate answered.


Then we both got up from the table and we went outside together. So now Skates gonna explain why Sammy and Kenny are arguing and fighting about every little stupid fucking thing that we do at the table for breakfast.



"So why are they acting like this and why di they both want to sit next to me? I mean I understand why Sammy does cause he's my boyfriend. But what about Kenny. why do they keep arguing??" I kept asking questions. Then skate stopped me and he just told me to stop talking and then he began to explain why the both of them keep fighting about stupid ass fucking shit. Lets listen! *and I mean read.*


"so Sammy and Kenny are fighting over stupid ass shit at the table because you are with Sammy and Kenny likes you and he wants to be with you. But since Sammy is with you Kenny cant be with you. So they made a bet for who's gonna actually be a better boyfriend for you. Kenny or Sammy. To tell you the truth when I saw the text messages that they sent each other I was type scared for you lil mama. But I still am and I will protect you from them if they try to hurt you. and you know I'm here for you whenever you need to talk or just get away from anyone in the house or something. I'm here for you boyfriend or not friend or not. I know were friends though. But I just want you to know that I will never be in any of these stupid ass fucking games and competitions with them. I love you Sirena!! Plus to tell you the truth. I think I would be better for you. nah Nah Nah I m just playing but I would spoil you if I were your boyfriend!!" Skate explained and I was kind of shocked that Sammy would do a contest with Kenny like this just to see who I would pick at the end of the day.


Well after he told me I giggled I hugged him and said thanks and kissed him on the cheek. Then when we walked back into the breakfast restaurant me and Skate were really confused for why Jack was sitting in my seat and all of the seats were still full but at least 2 seats had to be empty. so I went to sit in my seat and I couldn't cause there was a present on the seat and I thought Jack was just sitting on the floor hiding under my seat lmao. I thought it was for Kenny but it was for me cause it said to Sirena from your favorite 2 Jacks in the world. Way to be suspicious guys. LOL!! So I opened it and all I could see was a lot of tissue paper and after I pulled all of it out I found an envelope a big envelope that said we love you. Now to tell you the truth I've always wanted to go to Omaha Nebraska cause that's where the OMAHA Squad came from.

So I opened the envelope and it was tickets for a trip to Omaha and I was so fucking happy I started to cry and I just couldn't stop. Then Sam tapped me on the shoulder and I looked up to see he has a ticket to go to Omaha to and Skate and the Jacks and Amber and Justin and Harry and Niall and Bree and Joselito and then I looked at Kenny and I felt bad. But then before I could stand up Jack came by Kenny and said don't worry we didn't forget you. Cause Kenny had that I'm sad that you guys are going as a squad and I'm just gonna be home alone like I've always been after you left home. Then he opened the envelope and before he took out what it was he said


"I hope you guys have fun with the trip your going on because I am so happy that you guys are going its going to be a time to have fun and enjoy your life as friends and always be there like a squad as you always will be!! I love you guys and I just want to say Sammy I'm not doing this competition anymore for her cause I see that she's yours and she doesn't want me she has you and that's all she needs."


I ran out crying and I ran to the first tree I saw with a whole bunch more. Then I heard someone come after me and Kenny ran after me. All I heard him say was


"Damn what the fuck did I do to her now. I'm always fucking this shit up. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Sirena. I came here to see Sirena to be near Sirena to tell her how I actually feel and I still cant have her she has someone and he loves her foe her and all I know is that she's going to have fun in OMAHA with them all and I'm just going to go home and be myself and not have anyone understand the real meaning of why I actually came down here for my birthday!! I need her to be here right now I really hope she didn't run away like she always thought about doing with me!"


I than came out of hiding and Kenny ran to me because before I could even say anything, I passed out and everything just went black the last thing I remember hearing was Kenny saying.


"Sirena I need you as a friend but most of all I need you in my life forever. More than just my friend, but my girlfriend and\or my wife!! I love you Sirena and I'm never gonna stop! Even though I'm never going to get you like that except as my friend and I'm fine with that. But all I want is a chance."


I then woke up later on and all I remember is seeing Kenny holding my hand crying his eyes out and he was still holding my hand as I was in the hospital bed I'm guessing that's where I was.


But all I was doing was laying there is bed with a blanket covering me. I had scratches on my legs and arms from falling down in the forest from the trees and the rocks I fell on. I couldn't believe what Kenny was saying but yet I've felt the same way about him for a very long time but I couldn't tell him that cause then he would get really happy and tell people and then they would think I'm cheating on Sammy again. And I would get pissed off and be fucking mad as fuck.









What will happen with me and Kenny??


What will happen with Sammy and Kenny and I??

What will Sammy do??





What is Sammy gonna say or do to Kenny??



What will happen when everybody else gets to the hospital??



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