Best Friends (Sam Wilkinson FamFic)

Sirena and Sam have been best friends for about 6 years now what will happen when they tell each other the truth!!

Find out!

There is cursing in this whole story!


5. Beach Party

Me and Sammy were walking towards a bunch of his friends. When we were almost by them I held his hand and leaned into him more so that he could see I was kind of scared to meet his friends.

"Hey wassup." Sammy yelled and let go of my hand.

"Hey Sam yo yo yo!" They all yelled back.

"Guys this Sirena these are the guys." Sammy said.

"Hey." I exclaimed.

"Hey I'm Skate!" The one with the brown greased hair said.

"Hey nice to meet u I'm DJ Rupp but u can call me Dillion." The one other blond wish brownish hair said.

"Hey I'm Taylor. Nice to meet u." The one with dark blonde hair said. Looking me up and down.

"Hi I'm Jack Johnson." The one with quiffted blonde hair said.

"Hey I'm Jack Gilinsky." The one with brown black hair said. With s girl by his side.

"Hi I'm Madison Jack's girlfriend!" She introduced herself.

"Hi I'm Sirena. Nice to finally meet u guys!!" I introduced myself again. But then I grabbed Sammy's hand and I squeezed it really hard.

Sammy noticed and he said this:

"This is my best friend guys. So don't hurt her or try to do anything to hurt her. I've been there for her longer then I've been there for you guys. Even though you are my best mates. I went to school with her and I've always been her best friend through out all of those years. I've been there for her through tears and smiles and I'm never leaving." He said looking at me in the eyes.

We almost kissed but we didn't since his friends were there. I guess I was staying with him and his friends all day today. But Amber knew all about this plan for me to go out with him and his friends today.

Then we went to go to the beach house that we saw that Sammy had on his private beach. As we were walking over there Sammy stopped and let them all go into the beach house before we did. He looked at me and cupped my face and said

"Sirena I'm gonna show u how to make u happy!!" He than leaned down and kissed me on my lips not my cheek.

I kissed him back and I was in love with him even more than I was before. I was standing there kissing him and I just couldn't believe that I actually got Sammy to kiss me and he's not drunk he's sober.

"Sammy can I tell u something!!" I exclaimed.

"Yeah what is it!!" He said as he was cupping my face still.

"I love u ever since we started being best friends in 2011z I fell for u hard and never told u because I never wanted to loose u as my best friend. I love u Sammy and I never wanna loose u as my friend." I exclaimed and looked down.

"Sirena to tell u the truth it's the same for me. I've been in love with u for so long and I was just so afraid to tell u. Since I love u so much. I just don't want to loose u as my friend. But I want to be more than friends." Sammy said to me.

"I want to be more than friends to." I said.

Then Sammy bent down and kissed me so passionately. It was such a perfect moment. We were standing right by the water and it was a sunset in the back of us. And I noticed that Jack and skate were taking pictures of us. It was he perfect moment. So I was happy that they took pictures of us kissing. Because I know that we are more than friends now and that we will be together forever. Then we noticed Jack and Skate Walking towards us so we stopped kissing and we smiled at each other as we looked into each other's eyes. I was so in love right now.

Me and Sammy then stood by the water and looked out to the sunset. I was so happy I got my best friend as my boyfriend now. I have always wanted to have him as my boyfriend. And now I finally have him. And he finally has me.

We then walked to the beach house with Sammy's arm around my shoulders and holding my hand. As we walked in they all stared at us in shock. They were shocked at Sammy and I were dating now. They didn't even know what to say when we sat down next to each other on the couch too.

What will everybody think of our relationship with each other now??

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