High Up

This is about how a complete stranger can change your view of life, and even become your whole world.


{Book One - High Up}
{Book Two - Lilac Sky}
{Book Three - Brightest Stars} (Coming Soon)


2. Two- Rain

Marzia Bisognin, Felix couldn’t help falling for the girl, she was gorgeous. This is also why Ryan had fallen for her as well. The best of friends were now the worst of enemies, all because of this one girl. The two friends had been trying to impress Marzia for about 3 weeks, since she first transferred there.

Felix was sitting up against the lockers playing video games on his IPad with Ken sat beside him watching.

“Hey there Marzia, How’s it going?” Felix’s face grew red with anger. He tossed the IPad over to Ken and pulled himself off the floor, rushing to catch up with Ryan and Marzia. Once he’d caught up with them he slid beside Marzia, pushing Ryan aside.

“Hey Marzia, how are you on this lovely day?” Felix smiled at her.

“I’m pretty good Felix, how are you?” She giggles.

“Very well, do you like it here so far?” He asked, completely ignoring Ryan cussing him out.

“I love it! Everyone is so nice!” She smiled at him, “I have to go now though, see you later Felix.” Marzia waved as she made her way through the sea of people to her next class. Felix was smiling and couldn’t stop, he felt so happy.

“What the fuck Felix!” Ryan shouted.

“Don’t even worry about it Cry.” Felix smirked, “Good luck getting her, she likes me way more!”

“Yeah! You wish! She just ran away from you loser!” Ryan laughed

“Shut your mouth before I kick your ass Ryan!” Felix growled.

“Aye! Fuckin’ ‘ell what’re ye silly’s doin’?” Jack approached the two. “Ye still fightin’ over  Marzia?”

“Yeah, that idiot thinks she likes him more.” Ryan replied.

“Well, sorry but I’ve gotta steal Pewds for a bit.” Jack grabbed Felix by the arm dragging the boy down the hall.

“What’cha need Jackaboy?” Felix asked.

“Nuthin’ I was just gettin’ ye away from each other.” Jack replied.

“Oh, alright. We have English right?” Felix asked.

“Nah, I’ve got maths.” Jack said with a groan.

“Eww! Good luck.” Felix replied leaving Jack alone in the hall. Jack shuffled off to math, not excited at all.


Once class ended Jack was putting his stuff away when Mark walked up to him.

“What?” Jack grunted. Mark placed a box on the table, causing Jack to give the other boy a strange look.

“I got you that to make up for yesterday.” Mark smiled sheepishly.

“Um?” Jack mumbled, he reached over opening the box. He look inside and back up at Mark, “Shoes?” He asked.

“Yeah, Oh! I also fixed this for you…” Mark said reaching in his bag and pulling out his Jack’s hoodie. Jack’s eyes widened.

“How’d ye do this? It was ruined.”

“Not hard really. I just had to put it through the wash a few times.” Mark shrugged, “Oh yeah, and I also had a quick question to ask…”


“Could you tutor me?”


“She’s hot, ain’t she Phil?” Dan nudged his best friend.

“Yep.” Phil nudged less than enthusiastically.

“What’s with you?” Dan muttered, scrunching his eyebrows in confusion.

“Nothing, I just don’t feel like looking at all the ‘hot’ girls.” Phil replied.

“Why no-“

“Hey you two! What’s up?” Tyler jogged up to where the friends were.

“Phil doesn’t want to look for hot girls with me.” Dan complained.

“Wouldn’t blame him, I wouldn’t wanna either.” He laughed. Phil sat quiet, his mind racing with thoughts. He really wants to go be alone, sit on the roof but he didn’t want to make Dan nervous, he knew how much Dan worried about him and didn’t want to make him even more nervous.

“I-I’ve got to get to class, See you later Dan…” Phil stood up, “See ya’ Tyler.” He waved at the boys as he walked off, going straight to the roof to be alone. But he wasn’t.


“What d’ye mean? Jack muttered.

“I mean like, I’m having trouble with math and you seem like you’re really good at it, so I wanted you to help me?” Mark replied, lying through his teeth. Mark was actually really good at math to be honest.

“Um, why don’t you ask someone else?”

“’Cause you’re really smart and are the best in our class.” Mark ran his fingers through his hair, ‘Not really, you’re just extremely cute.’

“Fine,” Jack sighed, “We’re meeting at my house though.” Jack snapped scribbling his address on a piece of paper and shoved it at Mark.

“O-Oh okay… Thanks Sea- Jack… Sorry.” Mark spoke softly before leaving with a massive smile on his face.

“Why’re you so happy?” Felix asked as he saw me.

“No reason.” Mark smiled wider.

“Really now? Why you smiling so much, you’re blushing too Markimoo! Who is it?” Felix was pretty much begging to know.

“Nobody, it’s nothing!”

“Tell me!” Felix whined.

“No, you’ll tell all our friends asshole.” He protested.

“Ugh! Markimoo, please.”

“Piss off Pewds.” Mark muttered, “Plus I can’t tell you here ‘cause other people could hear.”

“After school?”

“No I have to meet someone, I’ll text you when I’m done okay?”



The final school bell rang and Felix was out the door almost immediately. The rain was pouring down as he left so he pulled out his umbrella and started walking, the rain beating on the top of it making a soft soothing sound. As he was on his way home he noticed Marzia walking home with no umbrella.

“Marzia! Wait up!” He called jogging after her. She spun around and smiled at the boy.

“Hi, Felix! What do you need?” She asked softly.

“I just saw you didn’t have an umbrella and thought we could share mine, I’m going this way so it wouldn’t be any trouble.” He offered making her smile a bit bigger.

“Oh okay, Thank you so much, that’s really nice of you Felix.” Marzia blushed.

“You can call me Pewds or Pewdie, that’s what most of my friends call me.” Felix said as they began walking again.

“Why do they call you that?” She asked, looking up at the smiling boy beside her.

“Oh god, I don’t even remember anymore… They started calling me that when we first became friends… That was forever ago.” He laughed thinking about when they’d became friends, “It was something about video games cause I’m a huge gamer.”

“That sounds so fun.” She smiled up at Felix.

“It really is, most of my friends are gamers as well.” The conversation went on for a while as they walked, soon enough they got to Marzia’s house.

“Well Felix, I had a great time talking to you.” Marzia looked up at him.

“Same here.” He replied and for some reason it just felt right. Felix leaned down and pressed his lips to Marzia’s, though it didn’t last more than a moment before Marzia had pulled away.

“Felix, that was very sweet but… I don’t like you that way… I’m sorry.” She hung her head.

“You like Ryan don’t you?” Felix let out a sigh of defeat.

“No, Felix you don’t-“

“You don’t like either of us?!” Felix jumped.

“Felix…” Marzia grasped Felix’s hands, “Felix, I like girls… I’m a lesbian…”

“What?” Felix gasped.

“My girlfriend lives back in Italy, I’m only here for the school year.” She said to him. The more that Felix thought about it, the more he realized he hadn’t been fighting for her



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