High Up

This is about how a complete stranger can change your view of life, and even become your whole world.


{Book One - High Up}
{Book Two - Lilac Sky}
{Book Three - Brightest Stars} (Coming Soon)


21. Twenty-One - We Love You So Much Jack!

Dear Mark,

I have just read your email and I think that is the sweetest thing! I am so glad that you are dating my son! You are so kind-hearted and I would love to help out, I’ll attach some things for you and I will also be emailing you again later with more pictures and videos as well, I just have to find some of them. Mark, I have to say that you are the greatest thing to ever happen to my son, I really have to thank you for that. Jack hasn’t been happy in years and I can tell that being with you has changed him for the better.
Thank you for making my son happy again,
Terry McLoughlin (Hopefully your future mother-in-law 

Mark smiled wide as he read it, replying quickly with a thank you message and saving all the videos and pictures that he’d received. Mark was so close to being done and he was insanely excited, he was hoping to be done by the end of the week but he was almost one-hundred percent sure that he’d be done sooner.

“Mark?” He could hear the voice of his lover call. Mark slammed his laptop shut and went to find Jack wherever he was in their tiny house.

“Yeah!?” Mark shouted throughout the house.

“I’m going grocery shoppin’! Wanna come?!” Jack called again. Mark entered the room, smiling as he saw his lover dressed in a pair of baggy sweatpants and Mark’s hoodie which was also extremely baggy, he looked so cute.

“Of course!” Mark smiled, wrapping his arms around Jack’s waist, kissing him softly.

“When we get back we can watch scary movies and cuddle?” Jack’s eyes were more full of life than Mark had seen them in months.

“Sure, we need to pick up junk food and candy while we’re out though.” Mark was so happy that Jack was happy, it was just a good day for him maybe?  Mark didn’t care, he loved how happy Jack was that day.


“Do you really need all of that popcorn? You can barely finish one bowl!” Giggled Mark as he picked up six packets that Jack had tossed in the cart.

“I do need all of that, Mark, what if we want some tomorrow but have none? Hmm?” Jack chuckled.

“Go put at least three of these back.” Mark shook his head at his lover as he fake pouted and shuffled off to return the three he’d been handed.

“Marky?” Jack returned to his lover, hands behind his back.

“What do you want now, Jack?” He could tell that Jack wanted something just by the way he was acting. Jack held his hands out in front of Mark, presenting a box of hot chocolate packets, a bag of mini-marshmallows and chocolate bits, “Fine.” Mark smiled at Jack’s childishness.


When the pair got home they cuddled up in bed together with, candy, popcorn, hot coca and scary movies. Mark loved this, being with Jack was the only thing he’d ever need and he was petrified of losing this, it’s all he knew now.

“Mark.” Jack moaned in a tired and sick voice.

“What’s wrong, baby?” Asked Mark, caressing Jack’s bare head.

“I don’t feel well…” He sighed, Jack was so small and frail now, he rarely ate, when he did, most of the time it was because Mark forced him to… He could never finish eating it and ended on the bathroom floor soon after. Mark hated seeing Jack like this, he couldn’t take it. He wanted Jack to be happy again… He wanted Jack to be Jack again.


Mark finally was finished, it was two AM on Saturday, Jack was still awake as well, today was a bad day for him, he was so sick and couldn’t even stand on his own, he couldn’t wear his oxygen as he was told either, he kept getting so violently sick at random moments that he couldn’t possibly wear it. Jack would get tangled in the tubes and he’d probably get vomit in them and it would just end up bad.

“Mark? When are ye coming to bed… I’m so cold and I miss ye… Do ye not love me anymore?” Mark jumped, not expecting Jack to walk in on him.

“Jack, baby! Come over here.” Mark spun around in his computer chair and held his arms out towards his lover, Jack was hesitant at first but accepted and crawled into the male’s lap, “Don’t you ever think for a moment that I don’t love you, you are my life and I wouldn’t give you up for anything.” Mark pressed his lips to Jack softly, “I’ve just been really busy helping someone with something and I’m sorry if I made you feel like that. I just finished the thing so now it’s just me and you.” Mark informed him, getting a nod from the tired boy.

“I love ye.” Mumbled Jack, burying his face into Mark’s chest, starting to fall asleep.

“Let’s get you to bed, sleeping beauty.” Mark told the small, frail boy in his arms, standing and carrying him to their shared bedroom. Mark placed Jack under the covers, tucking him in gently before going to get washed up and changed before going to bed.

“Mark!” Jack grabbed him as he stood.

“What is it, hun? Are you okay?” Mark jumped anxiously.

“Don’t go!” Jack was like a small child, gripping Mark’s shirt and watching him with wide, fear-filled eyes.

“It’s okay, baby. I’m just going to get ready for-“

“No! Don’t leave me! Please…” Jack sounded so scared… Mark couldn’t leave him like this.

“Okay… Okay, calm down, Jacky… I’m right here.” Mark reassured him, “You’re gonna have to let go of me so I can get into bed with you.” Jack shook his head, scooching over onto Mark’s side of the bed without losing his grip on Mark, waiting to feel the warmth of his love in his arms. A sight slipped from Mark’s soft lips as he dropped his jeans to the floor and tugged his top off before sliding under the warm blankets, pulling Jack against him. They both fell into a blissful sleep.


Around a week later Mark had Felix, Ryan, Rhett and Link over to surprise Jack with the video, the rest couldn’t make it to see Jack, being busy with other things. Jack was sitting on the couch, replying to comments on his latest video when they all showed up.

“Hey, Jack! How ya feeling?” Ryan smiled enthusiastically.

“I’ve been better; this is a good day for me though!” Smiled Jack at his friend. Felix jumped on the couch beside Jack, tugging the beanie that adorn the sick boy’s hairless head, off.

“Your head is so smooth!” Felix commented as he rubbed at the boy’s head, getting a smile and laugh from Jack as he shut his computer lid, placing it on the coffee table in front of him.

“Hi, Jack!” Waved Link as he entered the room followed by Rhett.

“Hey ye guys!” Jack replied happily, “I don’t want to sound rude or anythin’ but… Why ‘re ye guys ‘ere?”

“We missed your cute face.” Felix answered, pinching Jack’s cheeks in his fingers.

“Ow! I bruise easily, Felix. Be gentle!” Scolded Jack, he still had a huge grin plastered to his puffy cheeks.

“I forget that easily, you’re still your dumbass self, Jacky.” Felix chuckled and smiled at his good friend.

“Okay, are you all ready to show, Jack the thing?” Mark asked, entering the room.

“Yep!” Rhett replied, arms around his lover.

“What thing?” Asked Jack, face scrunched in confusion, looking between all of friends, hoping for an answer.

“It’s the thing that I’ve been working on all week.” Mark replied, plopping down on the couch besides his lover, kissing his temple softly.


“Just watch.” Ryan hushed as everyone got seated and Mark got it ready on the television and pressed play.


Jack was in tears as he hugged onto Mark, “We love you, Jack!” The video ended with all of his friends yelling that together.

“Mark, this… This is too much.” Jack sobbed, “Thank ye all so much!” He cried out.

“No problem, anything for a perfect little leprechaun like you.” Rhett told him, Link nodding his head in agreement.

“We all love you more than you could ever know, Jacky.” Mark told him, Jack didn’t believe it, he was just a burden.


Around three months had passed since that night, Jack was just getting sicker and sicker… Mark wanted his Jack back, but he still loved the male more than life itself, “Jack!? Can I come here please?!” Called Mark.

“Yeah… Just give me a second!” Jack replied, rubbing the tears from his eyes, he couldn’t take this anymore. He had to end it with Mark, Jack knew that his lover didn’t need him anymore. He was a burden. Jack believed that he was making Mark’s life worse, Mark was becoming extremely depressed and Jack knew it was all his fault, “Coming!” Jack made his way out to the living room anxiously, maybe Mark was going to break it off with him?

“Hey, I have to… Um… Ask you something…” Mark was nervous, Jack observed. This could be it.

“What is-is it?” Jack’s voice shook as he sat beside the love of his life, he wished that they could be together forever but he knew that it was impossible. He couldn’t hurt Mark like this, he was going to die and he couldn’t leave Mark like that.

Mark took a deep breath, “I am so in love with you... And er…” His voice trailed. Mark bit his lip as Jack waited for Mark to continue, “J-Jack… Will you… Um… M-Marry me?” He stammered nervously. It felt like ages he sat, waiting for an answer.  Jack’s face fell as he stared, mouth agape, trying to find his voice.

“N-No…” His voice fell, “I’m so sorry, Mark…”

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