High Up

This is about how a complete stranger can change your view of life, and even become your whole world.


{Book One - High Up}
{Book Two - Lilac Sky}
{Book Three - Brightest Stars} (Coming Soon)


20. Twenty - A Big Day

Rhett pulled at his tuxedo jacket nervously as he stood at the end of the isle. He smiled as he heard the melodious sound of the organs beginning to play throughout the church. This is what Rhett had always imagined.

The wide doors to the nave opened, creaking loudly. As the people filed in Rhett excitedly waited to see his soon-to-be Husband, in his baby blue tuxedo. After what felt like an eternity, Link made his way down isle nervously, his arm was looped with his mother’s as they went to meet with the love of the young man’s life, this is when the priest began to speak.

“We are gathered together on this beautiful afternoon to share with Reilly and Alec as they exchange vows of their everlasting love. Who gives this young man to be married to this man?” The priest asked.

“I do.” His mother spoke from where she was seated.

“As Charles and Rhett take their vows today, we are privileged to witness the joyous love of a new family, a family that will be nourished and nurtured through the devotion of two separate individuals growing together through the common bonds of love.” The priest paused, “May their marriage bring them the peace, joy, comfort and contentment that is known in the hearts of all God's children. And may Rhett and Charles both look forward to each new season of their marriage, just as the world looks forward to each new season of the year. For all seasons bring with them their own special moments and memories.” He stops again, “An essential requirement of a good marriage is a strong bond of real friendship and trust. Charles and Rhett, your love for each other will grow deeper with every passing day, but it's important to remember that your love stands on a foundation of genuine, mutual affection and respect for each other. To truly love another person is to be willing to accept both their strong points, and their weak points, with equal measures of understanding and respect. The vows you are about to exchange, will serve as a verbal representation of the non-verbal emotions that are as real as anything that can be seen, heard or touched.” The priest smiled, looking around the room at all the family and friends of the two, “For it is not the words that you will speak today that will bond you together as one, but the strength of the love and commitment found deep within your souls…Let us pray . . .” He says, looking down and closing his eyes.

“At this time, I’ll ask you, Charles, and you, Rhett, to face each other and take each other’s hands.” The two boys griped each other’s hands with large smiles on their faces, tears streaming down their faces.

“Charles Lincoln Neal, do you take Rhett James McLaughlin to have and to hold, in sickness and in health as long as you both shall live?”

“I do.” Link looked up into his lover’s eyes, perfectly sure about his answer.

“Rhett James McLaughlin, do you take Charles Lincoln Neal to have and to hold, in sickness and in health as long as you both shall live?”

“I do.” Rhett looked down at the man he loved with all of his being.

The priest then asked for the two to recite their vows, Rhett was the first to start;

“Well, um… I-I’m not really good with words as you may know by now but I’m sure as he-…heck going to try. Er, well… Link, you have been my best friend for longer than either of us could ever remember. I still remember when we first started dating… You are my everything and I love you more than I love myself. Link you are all I could ever need or want and I love you for that, you are amazing. No matter what happens I’ll always love you and be there beside you.” Rhett struggled with his words but it was still beautiful.

“Well, I found this quote a while back and this is exactly how I feel and know that you feel the same, it went something like this… ‘If you live to one hundred, I hope I live to be one hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you.’ That quote is one of my favorites because it’s the definition of love in a more, um… lyrical? Form.” Link smiled at his lover, “This is how much I love you Rhett and I can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together.” The whole audience of people were pretty much in tears as well as Rhett and Link themselves as the priest finished speaking;

“If anybody has any objections speak now or forever hold your peace.” Everybody stayed silent for a moment waiting for the priest to continue, “I now pronounce you man and husband, you may now kiss the groom.” Rhett grabbed the smaller one and held him tightly as he kissed his husband as hard as he could. The whole room erupted with cheers, Rhett’s dream finally coming true, it felt so surreal.


After eating and all the ‘first dances’ of the night Mark and Jack had been seated at the head table along with Matt and his girlfriend, Amber along with Felix, Ryan and the Smosh boys. It was quite a large table but these were all the people that had helped Rhett and Link and been close with them their whole lives. Rhett and Link’s family members were strewn around the room along with friends such as Bob, Wade, Ken and Mary.

“Jack?” Mark asked, reaching over and placing a hand on his lover’s knee.

“Yeah? What’s up, Marky?” Jack looked over at his boyfriend. Jack had lost all of his hair by now, he was also extremely skinny aside from his always puffy and squeezable cheeks, and Mark still loved him anyway.

“Wanna dance with me?” He asked, standing from the table and offering Jack a hand.

“Er… I-I don’t know… I’m not the best dancer…” Jack hesitated.

“Come on, it’s supposed to be a slow dance next, you can leave all the work to me.” Mark gave Jack a glance of his pleading brown eyes, easily making him melt.

“Okay.” He sighed, acting as though he didn’t want to, even though it did sound pretty fun. Jack reached up and took Mark’s hand, getting to his feet and Mark’s arms were instantly around the smaller one’s waist. A blush sprung to Jack’s cheeks while he reached for his oxygen tank but Mark grabbed it before he could.

“I’ve got this, don’t worry.” Mark replied.

“I love ye, Mark.” Jack pressed a kiss to his beau’s lips.

“I love you too, Jacky.”

The pair made their way to the dance floor, several other people there as well, Ken and Mary stood off to the side, and Mary was heavily pregnant with their child. Jack waved at them, having not seen them in a while, neither of them knew about his cancer. Mary made her way over to the couple, curios about Jack.

“Hey! I haven’t seen you in ages!” She attempted to hug the two.

“Hey, Mary, how are you?” Mark asked.

“I’m pretty good, Ken’s well too. How have you two been?” Mark questioned.

“We’re pretty okay ourselves.” Mark nodded.

“Alright, I can’t help asking but… What’s happened to you Jack? Are you alright?” Mary looked the boy up and down, he didn’t even look himself anymore.

“Well, a while ago, about six or seven months to be exact, I found out I had cancer… It’s stage four lung cancer and they’re trying their hardest to fix it but… They said that I shouldn’t get my hopes up.” Jack sighed, “I’m doing okay, I’m having trouble coping with all of this though.”

“Oh my… Jack, I-I’m so sorry…” She shook her head in disbelief. “I wish I’d known sooner.” She sighed, “Jack, you are so strong.”

“Why am I strong? I haven’t done anything but get a bit of misfortune.” He had always kind of hated how people called him strong for getting a disease, he didn’t even chose for it to happen it just did, he thought that solders and people that had beaten depression and all that were strong. What hadn’t struck him was that he thought that other people with cancer were strong, it was just him that he didn’t find strong.

“Jack, you are strong because you are fighting to stay alive. It’s for, Mark… Isn’t it?”

“Yeah, I love him and don’t want to have to leave him here by himself.” Jack said, half smiling.

“Okay, I’ve gotta get back to Ken, I wish you luck and I’m praying for you.” Mary waddled off.

“Thank ye.” Jack mumbled. Getting kissed by Mark suddenly, making him smile.

“I’m sorry, I forgot to tell them.” Mark apologized.

“It’s okay, It’s not yeer fault, I love ye, Marky.” Jack smiled, pulling at Mark’s arm to get the boy to dance with him.

Mark agreed to dance and followed Jack onto the floor just as ‘Ex’s and Oh’s’ ended. Jack smiled brightly as ‘Hello’ by Adele began to play, he loved that song so much, and Mark really liked it as well. Mark’s arms went around Jack’s thin waist and the smaller boy’s arms stretched up around his companion’s neck, his head rested against Mark’s chest lightly. The two young lovers swayed, moving in gentle, swift motions. The dance slowly lulled the stress and anguish of the couple, it was like Jack was never sick for a while. Jack moved his hands up to the nape of Mark’s neck, entangling his fingers in his partner’s hair, tugging at it pleasantly.

“I love you so much, Jack, you have no idea just how much.” Mark mumbled into Jack’s hair.

“I think I may have an idea. I love you too, babe, I love you too…”


Mark was sat at his computer, it was about two in the morning but he was busy planning a surprise for Jack and texting to, Wade, Bob, Felix, Ryan, Ken, Mary, Marzia, Rhett, Link, Ian and Anthony all in a massive group chat about the thing he was doing for Jack, he was having all of them help out with this little project for their friend. Mark decided that it would be really cool to get a shit ton of videos and pictures of Jack growing up and put them into a collage. He was having the group all email him their pictures with him and they were helping Mark get in contact with all of Jack’s former friends. Mark was also in the process of emailing Jack’s mother about this as well.

Dear Mrs. McLoughlin,

Hello, I have a very important thing to ask you and it would mean the world if you’d help out. I thought that it would be really awesome to make a huge slide show/movie-like thing for Jack to show him how perfect he is and how much we love him. So I, with the help of mine and Jack’s friends (Wade, Bob, Felix, Ryan, Ken, Mary, Marzia, Rhett, Link, Ian and Anthony) were going to get all of our favorite moments, pictures and videos of and with Jack and put them all together in a cute little ‘family movie’ style thing. Jack has been down for a while and thinking that he was unloved by us and all of that stuff. Anyway, it would be amazing if you could send me lots of pictures and videos of Jack growing up? They can have family and friends in them as well, that would also help show him that he’s loved.
Thank you so, so much,
Mark Fischbach (Your son’s boyfriend

Mark sent it into the group chat to see if it was good before emailing it to his boyfriend’s mother, everyone agreed it was great so Mark his send. He was so excited to show this to Jack.

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