High Up

This is about how a complete stranger can change your view of life, and even become your whole world.


{Book One - High Up}
{Book Two - Lilac Sky}
{Book Three - Brightest Stars} (Coming Soon)


3. Three - Maths

  Jack was on his way home in the rain, alone, as always. Jack loved the rain because it reminded him of home.

“Jack?” Mark’s voice echoed through the silence.

“Bloody ‘ell, What d’ye want?” Jack choked.

“You never said when to meet you for tutoring.” Mark replied.

“Whenever… I don’t give a shit.”

“How about today?”

“Whatever, nobody’s home cause my parents work late and my brothers and sisters don’t live with us anymore.” Jack sniffled rubbing his nose with his oversized hoodie sleeve. To be honest it was really cute.

“A-Alright.” Mark stuttered following Jack to his place.

“Uh, I’m gonna change real quick, Me clothes are soaked.” Jack said as they entered his house.

“Erm, okay.” Mark replied following Jack up the stairs, on their way up, Jack pulled his shirt over his head. Mark began to blush furiously, fumbling to cover his reddened cheeks so he wouldn’t seem like a pervert or anything.

Jack and Mark entered his room where Jack tossed his shirt onto the floor, proceeding to grab another from his dresser and put it on.

“Wow…” Mark mumbled looking around Jack’s room, it was surprisingly clean and a lot different than he’d thought it’d be. The walls were a really nice shade of light blue, (It matched Jack’s eyes) and his carpet was this bright, neon/septic green, he also had bedsheets that were checkered green and blue to match the walls and carpet. Jack’s bed was unmade and there were some clothes scattered on the floor along with some stray video games around his desk which had a bunch of recording stuff on it.

“What?” Jack hissed.

“Just, your room… It’s so cool.” Mark replied.

Jack just grunted in response, grabbing his laptop and sitting on his bed, turning the laptop on. Mark on the other hand stood in the doorway waiting to be invited in, not wanting to piss off Jack by doing something he shouldn’t have. After standing there for around five minutes or so Mark just sat up against the wall with his math book out, waiting for Jack. Though Jack didn’t say anything and Mark began to get impatient.

“Um…” Mark started, “Aren’t you going to like…. Help me with my math?”

“In a sec, I’m busy.” Jack stated.

“You know I asked you to tutor me ‘cause I’d thought you’d be helpful Sean-“ Jack’s head shot up from whatever he was so concentrated on, glaring at Mark, about to start yelling, “I-I mean Jack, sorry. I just keep forgetting-“

“Then stop fuckin’ forgettin’ Mark!” Jack shouted

“Well, I’m so fucking so-rry.” Mark growled through gritted teeth.

“Yeah, whatever Fischbach.” Jack snapped, turning his attention back to his laptop screen. This is when Mark began to realize his mistake and how big it was.


“Come on Cry, Pick up!” Felix whimpered to himself as he laid on his bed alone needing to talk to his best friend. Felix groaned after calling about 12 times he gave up. He needed to talk to someone, anyone really.

“Hey man!” Ken’s voice came though the speakers of Felix’s phone

“Ken!” Felix wailed into the receiver.

“Whoa, what’s wrong Felix?” Ken asked, his voice full of worry.

“C-Can I come over? I-I really need to talk to s-somebody.” Felix sobbed, begging his friend.

“Uh, sure… My brother’s home so do you want me to go to your place instead?” Ken offered.

“Mhmm.” Felix nodded, sniffling and rubbing his eyes with his shirtsleeve.

“Alright, I’ll be over soon,” Ken said soothingly, “Want me to stay on the phone with you or do you think you’ll be alright?”

“I-I think I’ll be alright Ken.” Felix replied, “T-Thanks Ken…”

“Okay, it’s nothing really, you’re my friend… See you in a few.”  Ken then hung-up and Felix curled up under the blankets on his bed, crying his eyes out.


Ken pulled up outside of Felix’s house and grabbed his spare key to the house that Felix had given him a while back. He stumbled out of the car and up to the front door. Ken almost dropped the key his hands were shaking so badly. He was so worried about Felix, knowing he didn’t ever act like this unless something was seriously wrong.

Ken tried to escape all the bad thoughts as he dashed up the stairs to Felix’s room where he found the boy under the covers sobbing hysterically.

“Felix, oh my… What’s happened?”

“I-I just don’t-don’t know what to do K-Ken!” Felix wailed loudly from beneath the covers as Ken sat on the edge of his bed. Felix tossed himself onto Ken.

“Felix, what’s happened? Are you alright?” Ken panicked.

“Do I look alright Ken!?” Felix shouted.

“Well I’m worried about you Felix! I don’t understand what’s wrong with you and it’s scaring me!” Ken snapped back.

“Marzia’s a lesbian…” Felix choked.

“You got me all worked up and worried about you for that!” Ken yelled at the shaking boy.

“Shut the fuck up for five fucking seconds Ken!” Felix commanded, “ I walked her home, ‘cause it was raining ya’ know and she had no umbrella and I kissed her…”

“Yeah…” Ken groaned, annoyed.

“I realized I didn’t love her, I was fighting for something else…” Felix trailed off.

“What were you fighting for then Felix?” Ken now started showing interest and was now nervous about what the boy was going to say.

“Ken, I-I,” Felix started, tears falling down his cheeks again, “I’m in love with Ryan…”


“That’s not how ye do it! Yeer a bloody moron!” Jack groaned as Mark did another problem wrong.

“That’s why I asked you to tutor me Jack!” Mark argued.

“I didn’t know ye was this stupid!” Jack fought back.

“I’m not that stupid! You just suck at teaching me stuff!” Mark urged. Mark knew exactly what Jack was saying and how to do the problems but he just wanted a cute romantic movie type of thing but what he got instead was this bullshit.

“I am not! Yeer just shit at maths!” Jack shouted.

“Let’s just get this shit over with.” Mark hissed. This time Mark “finally” understood what to do and finished quickly.

“Was that so hard now?” Jack rolled his eyes.

“Again, I didn’t get it because you fucking suck at teaching.” Mark grumbled, grabbing his stuff to leave.

“See ye later arse-hole.” Jack groaned as Mark left.

“Whatever.” Mark muttered over his shoulder, never so happy to go home in his life.


“You’re what?!” Ken gasped in disbelief.

“It was hard enough to say the first time…” Felix whined.

“Why were you fighting with him over Marzia then?”

“I don’t know! I think I was trying to impress him? I don’t know Ken.” Felix cried.

“Have you told him?”

“He won’t even answer my calls.” The boy sniffled.

“I’m sorry buddy…” Ken hugged his friend, “Have you told anyone else?”

“No.” Felix mumbled into Ken’s chest.

“Oh, okay… I’m here for you Felix.” Ken paused, “Don’t worry.”

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