High Up

This is about how a complete stranger can change your view of life, and even become your whole world.


{Book One - High Up}
{Book Two - Lilac Sky}
{Book Three - Brightest Stars} (Coming Soon)


13. Thirteen - Maybe More?

Rhett and Link made their way up the stairs to Rhett’s room, Link was tired of pretending that he didn’t love someone to please everyone else. He loved Rhett will that all of his heart and that’s who he wanted to be with, no matter how anybody else felt, it was his choice and he’d decided.

“So, what'cha want to talk about?” Rhett’s beautiful hazel eyes studied Link.

“Erm… I-I… I’ve made up my mind Rhett, I don’t want anybody else, they just aren’t right. I love you Rhett and I’m so sorry for abandoning you. It was a huge mistake…” Link hung I head, waiting to hear the words he dreaded, that Rhett didn’t love him and could never forgive him.

“I love you too Charles, I’m just confused, you told me you didn’t love me anymore?” Rhett continued to watch the boy.

“I-I was scared… Scared of what everyone else would think…” Link’s voice trailed.

“I am too but I would do anything to be called yours Link, I just don’t know why you didn’t tell me before.” Said Rhett, hugging Link. Charles flinched, confused by his lovers actions.

“I thought you’d get mad…” Link mumbled innocently, Rhett found the boy adorable at the moment and couldn’t help but to lean in and kiss him passionately, taking Link aback. He recovered quickly, kissing back and pushing the taller one onto the bed…


Mark groaned, holding a hand to his mouth, where the two collided. He glanced over at Jack who had also sat up and had a hand gripped over his nose.

“You two alright?” The two boys look up to see Ian and Anthony skating over to them.

“Guys? What are ye doin' ‘ere?” Jack asked, removing his hand from his nose, only to see his hand almost covered in blood, he placed his hand back were it had been. Ian slid his hands under Mark’s arms tugging him up, Anthony doing the same to Jack.

“We’re going to PAX, and you guys got pretty fucked up huh? We saw the whole thing happen.” Anthony replied, Mark nodding in response.

“We’re gonna head out, we’ll see you at PAX though.” Jack smiled, noticing Mark was already gone. Jack skated across the ice as best he could without falling. He found Mark taking off his skates, his hand still over his mouth, Jack approached Mark and sat beside him.

“Hey, are ye mad at me?” Jack asked. Mark glanced over at him and shook his head, removing his hand from his lips, showing Jack the deep gash in his lip, “Ouch! Man I think that needs stitches.” Jack winced, seeing a sudden panic in Mark’s eyes, shaking his head vigorously.

“No!” Mark pleaded, tears springing to his eyes as pain rushed to his lower lip. Jack wondered if he’d done that to Mark or if Mark had just bit his lip. Jack could still feel his lips tingling from when their lips had made contact.

“Mark, come on, it’s pretty deep, let me see.” He placed a finger under Mark’s chin to keep him still. Jack leaned in and looked at the boy’s lip, wincing slightly, “I think it needs stitches, it looks so painful.” Jack wanted to kiss him so bad, make the pain go away but he knew that he couldn’t do that. The fear in Mark’s eyes grew and he looked at Jack pleading him not to make him.

“I’m sorry Marky.” Jack said, his nose was still bleeding and he knew he may have to get that Checked out, “I have to get me nose looked at too.” Jack was trying his hardest to make Mark feel less nervous about getting stitches. Mark sighed and gave in. They both gave their skates back and headed out.


“Do you want me to go with ye?” Jack ask Mark gently, Jack had gotten his nose looked at and they said he was fine and his nose was just bruised and they took Mark in saying that he did need stitches. Mark nodded and pouted up at Jack.

“I know, stitches suck.” Jack showed him the giant scar on his arm, “Suicide attempt.” Jack shrugged. Mark reached over grabbing Mark’s arm and running a finger down the white line, pulling his sleeve back and showed him the scar on his wrist, smiling up at Jack, then wincing and placing his hand back to his mouth.

“You’re so-“ Jack stopped himself, dumbass look what you’ve done! His mind screamed at him.

“So what?” Mark spoke awkwardly, trying not to hurt his lip anymore.

“Nothing, just speakin' befure I thought it through.” Shrugged Jack, trying not to seem too fazed by it, even though he was screeching at his stupidity on the inside. Mark nodded and chewed his tongue. Jack thought he was so cute and all he wanted to do was kiss him. Jack was so madly in love that it hurt.

Jack went with Mark to get the stitches done, holding his hand the whole time, like when a child gets their ears pierced for the first time. Mark was so cute, he gripped his friends hand and begged him to stay with him as he was about to get the needle stabbed into his lip. After words they gave him some pills and said to come back in three days, two days before PAX to get them taken out.

They walked back to the hotel, it was just about one AM. Everything was so pretty at this hour, Jack hadn’t noticed, he was too focused on Mark. The way his eyes lit up seeing all the sweetness of the night and the prettiness of the streets. Jack never needed to see the sights when he had Mark around.


“Morning sleeping beauty.” Jack poked at Mark’s sleeping figure, trying to wake him. This was the first – And most likely the last – time he’ll ever do this.

“Jack? You’re awake already?” Yawned Mark.

“Yep, first, and last time ever!” Jack smiled, ruffling Mark’s already messy hair.

“You got that right.” Mark chuckled.

“How’s yeer lip?” Jack asked, Mark instinctively ran a finger over the stitches, just below his mouth.

“It hurts.” Mark mumbled, sitting up and stretching, Making Jack weak, seeing the way his muscles tensed, showing through his tight, soft skin. Mark rubbed at his eyes before tossing his legs over the edge of the bed and standing up tiredly, wobbling on his feet.

“Well ye’ve got to go take some medicine anyway.” Jack informed.

“I know, I don’t wanna though.” He grunted.

“But ye gotta.” Jack smiled at him, seeing that smile made Mark so happy.

“Yeah, so are we ever gonna talk about what happened yesterday?” Asked Mark.

“W-What d'ye mean?” Jack totally knew what Mark meant but he was scared about telling him, what if Mark didn’t want to talk to Jack anymore? He didn’t know what to do.

                “D-Did… You- I-I… Erm, Uh… Did we-…” Stammered Mark, looking hopelessly at Jack.

“Did we what?” Asks Jack, trying to sound clueless.

“Kiss…” Mark breathed.

“I-I…” Jack had been preparing for the question the whole time and still didn’t know what to say, “I-I… Er? Yeah…” Jack hung his head, nodding slightly.

“Oh…” Mark faked an awkward murmur, though on the inside he was exstatic.

“Does this make things weird… Do ye not wanna talk to me anymore Mark?” Jack pouted nervously, lips still tingling from the touch.

“No, no, it’s not weird, it’s fine honestly.” Mark waved him off. Jack, could see a small smile tugging at the boy’s lips. Jack wasn’t sure why but he didn’t question it.

“Go take yeer meds loser.” Jack smiled to himself as he get ready for the day.


Jack, Mark, Ian and Anthony were all walking down the street, heading to this little diner-ish place called Rock the Place. It was some sort of karaoke place that Ian and Anthony had invited Jack and Mark to go to with them.

“So, you two gonna sing?” Ian asked, a smirk on his lips.

“Nah, probably not.” Mark mumbled, he’d been pretty against the whole idea, hating karaoke with a passion.

“Awe, but Mark we could do a duet!” Jack nudged him, knowing that it’d bother him.

“No, fuck off.” Mark grunted.

“What’s with Mark?” Anthony asked, glancing at Jack.

“Mark hates karaoke so much, he told me he’d rather kill ‘imself.” Chuckled Jack.

“Piss off won’t you.”

“But Mark! We could sing Can You Feel The Love Tonight!” Jack was honestly excited about this, especially when he saw Mark’s eyes light up.

“Yes! Holy shit yes!” Mark was now about as excited as Jack. Jack was so happy with Mark around, he never thought he could ever feel true happiness again until Mark came into his life.

                They all entered the place and got a table for the four of them. They all shared a pizza and some waffle fries. Laughing together over some dumb stuff and having a great time together.

“Are we gonna sing?” Mark prodded at Jack.

“Ye’re pretty damn excited fur someone who didn’t even want to come.” Jack smiled.

“Well you promised me some Lion King!” Mark shook Jack’s arm.

“Fine, fine.” Jack was laughing softly as he slid from the booth, followed by Mark.

“You go guys!” Called the two other boys from the table as Jack and Mark walked off. They went up and requested it, getting on the stage and singing together. They kept laughing and singing the wrong lines, honestly it was one of the best times they’d ever had.


“Marky, come watch movies with me.” Jack mumbled from the couch.

“Okay. What’cha watching?” Asked Mark.

“Pan’s Labyrinth.” Jack looked up at Mark stood over him, “What’cha lookin’ at?”

“Move over, I need to sit down.” Mark chuckled as Jack moved his legs up so Mark could sit at the end of it.

“Thanks.” Mark rolled his eyes playfully.

“Ye’re welcome!” Jack smiled adorably.

“Can we watch the Lion King next?” Mark whined.

“Sure! I’m kinda in the mood fur it.”

After Mark put the Lion King in, Jack moved positions on the couch, sitting, slumped over with his head against Mark’s shoulder, tired as hell form the past few days being so hectic and crazy. About half way through the movie Mark had started to become, twitchy? He kept moving around and bothering Jack, keeping the boy from sleeping.

“Stop that, I’m sleeping.” Grunted Jack.

“My lip hurts.” Pouted Mark.

“Take some pills.”

“I can’t I just did about a half an hour ago.” Mark frowned.

“I don’t know what to do.” Jack moaned sleepily.

“It hurts, make it better.” Mark whined.

“Alright.” Jack grumbled sitting up and moving closer to Mark, grabbing each side of the boys face in his hands, crashing his lips to Marks. Mark’s whole body tensed, eyes widening momentarily, making Jack nervous, until he felt Mark’s lips began to move in sync with his. Jack felt sparks, his whole body going numb, his lips tingling even more they had been all day. Both felt unimaginably amazing, their body’s numb and their heart’s racing a mile a minute, this was some type of drug and they were higher than the moon. As their tonuges battled for dominance their lungs burned for air. They’d finally gotten what they wanted, no needed.

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