High Up

This is about how a complete stranger can change your view of life, and even become your whole world.


{Book One - High Up}
{Book Two - Lilac Sky}
{Book Three - Brightest Stars} (Coming Soon)


16. Sixteen - This Is Halloween!

Jack was laying on the couch in Mark’s bedroom, they were on their laptops trying to find an apartment or some place for them to live together.
“I just sent ye a link to some nice lookin’ place.” Jack spoke tiredly.
“I sent you a few as well, this is really boring to be honest.” Yawned Mark from his bed. Jack closed his laptop, tossing it to the side and going over to cuddle with Mark.
“I really don’t care where we live as long as I’m with ye.” Jack buried his face into Mark, who was still scrolling through all the possible places to live, “I love that one.” Jack placed his finger on the screen over this cute little house.
“That’s so cute! I don’t care how much that costs we have to have it!” Mark clicked on it excitedly, “If we combine our savings we could get this place and some okay furniture from IKEA.”
“Ugh. IKEA, really?” Jack groaned.
“Just until we get some extra cash, then we can get cool stuff.” Mark explained to his partner.
“Yeah, ye're right I suppose, can we cuddle now?” Jack asked.
“Let me just save this.” Mark said as he clicked on some stuff before shutting his laptop and cuddling up to his boyfriend. After a few minutes of just them tangled together in silence, Mark grabbed his laptop and pulled up Netflix. But before Mark could put anything on Jack’s cellphone rang loudly through out the room. Jack let out a groan, answering it unwillingly.
“Hello.” He grunted.
“Aye Jackaboy! You with Mark?” Felix said loudly in to the recever.
“Yeah, why?” Asks Jack.
“Well, Ryan, Ian, Anthony and I have decided to go out trick or treating for Halloween this year and we were going to get our costumes in about an hour or two. We wanted to know if you and Mark wanted to come as well?” He offered.
“Uh… Let me ask.” Jack said, pulling his phone away from his ear, “Mark, Pewdie wants to know if we want to go with him Cry and the Smosh boys to get Halloween costumes.”
“Sure? What would we even be?” Mark said.
“Erm, we have a couple hours to think of something.”
Mark and Jack walked hand in hand through the thrift store together trying to find materials for their costumes. They had decided to be the cutest cartoon couple in history… Cosmo and Wanda from the Fairly Odd Parents. 
“Do you have a tie at ye’re house I could use, Cosmo wears a tie right?” Jack tugged at a fake crown, trying to pull it from the shelf it was on. Mark with ease pulled it from the place it had been rested on, handing it to the smaller boy, planting a kiss on the tiny Irishman’s lips.
“You’re welcome.” Mark smirked.
“Thank you babe.” Jack muttered sarcastically, shoving his lover playfully. The two studied the store for a yellow shirt and another crown. They were honestly having an amazing time together, they decided that they were going to get their hair dyed, Jack would get Green and Mark would get Pink in about a month considering Halloween was about six weeks.
“I love you.” Mark smiled, kissing Jack tenderly.
“I love ye more.” Jack mumbled against his partners lips.
“No way sweetheart, I love you way more.” Mark urged. 
“Nope, don’t lie to yeer-self Markimoo, I totally love ye more.” Jack’s lips trailed down Mark’s neck, reaching his collarbone, love bites littered over his tender skin. A soft moan escaped Mark’s parted lips.
“Okay, okay! I give up you love me more.” Mark squirmed in Jack’s grip, attempting to break free, failing miserably.
“I don’t give up that easily.” Jack replied, tugging Mark’s shirt up over his head, running his fingers down the boy’s sides, barely touching his soft skin. Mark shuttered, moving around, pinned beneath his lover. Mark’s upper body had always been extremely ticklish, this was one weakness that Jack hadn’t known about surprisingly. Mark squealed hoping that Jack would stop running his fingers down his body, but Jack had found a weakness in his lover, Jack began tickling Mark, causing him to twist in Jack’s grip. Mark yelped, much weaker in than Jack in this state.
“S-St-op Jack, P-Please!” Mark cried out, laughing even though he honestly wanted to kill Jack for torturing him like this.
“Nope! It’s fun!” Jack giggled. Mark tugged his arms free from Jack and flipped them both over, pinning the smaller now. A wide smirk spread across Mark’s lips, he knew that Jack was ticklish but he had a better way to tease his beau. Mark tugged Jack’s shirt up, over his head. Slowly Mark moved to the boy’s lips, kissing him passionately and forcefully, Jack was not in any way fighting against that. Marks trailed his lips down his lovers neck, just as the other had done to him only moments before, leaving dark purple hickeys all over his large neck, moving down his chest and to the hem of Jack’s PJ bottoms, stopping there, an evil grin painted on his lips as he gingerly moved back to Jack’s soft lips, Mark grinding his hips against Jack’s crotch. Mark could tell that it was driving the boy crazy, moaning loudly against Mark.
“M-Mark, stop, plea-se!” Jack whimpered.
“Nope! It’s fun!” Mark teased Jack. A moan escaped Jack’s lips, causing Mark to smirk.
“Mark… This is cruelty!” Jack’s lip quivered, pleading Mark to stop.
“Apologize.” Mark was stubborn.
“Fur what? I didn’t do anything!” Jack whined.
“Say I love you more.” Mark mumbled, placing his lips to Jack’s collarbone, leaving love bites all along it.
“Never, I don’t lie!” Jack moaned again.
“Say it! I won’t stop till you do!” Mark bit affectionately at Jack’s silky skin.
“Mmm! Okay! Okay, Ye love me more! I give up, I give up!” Mark released Jack, who jumped from the couch and dashed from the room, leaving Mark feeling accomplished.
Link was laying in his bed, playing with the ring on his finger, smiling wide as he talked to Rhett on video chat from his television. Rhett had gone back to their hometown for the week to visit friends and family and Link missed him like crazy, he didn’t go because he had gotten sick the day before Rhett left so he had to stay.
“Will you come home early? Please? I miss you so much.”
“I can’t come home early, for the millionth time babe, I’ll be back soon, how’s the mom and dad?” Asked Rhett.
“Pretty good, my mom misses you always being here and having someone to actually eat her food.” Link chuckled.
“You like her food and you know it.” Rhett rolled his eyes.
“No I like her desserts, not her dinners.” Link corrected.
“If you’d even attempt to try her food instead of making your own then you’d love it.” Rhett defended the woman he’d always seen as his other mom.
“Good point… Please come home, I need a cuddle Rhett.” Whined Link.
“I wish I could, I gotta stay here until Friday.” Rhett frowned at the boy on his screen, “I’ve got to go baby, I’ll call you later, I love you.”
“Love you too, bye babe.” 
“Jack! Help me carry this damn couch!” Mark yelled for Jack.
“The couch is fine were it is, calm down.” Jack wrapped his arms around Mark from behind, scaring him half to death.
“Fucking Hell! Jack! Don’t do that damn it!” Mark clutched a hand to his chest, gasping.
“Sorry babe, Just calm down a bit okay? Everythin’ is perfect, I promise.” Jack kissed his boyfriend gingerly.
“Are you sure that it’s all fine?” Mark, wrung at his hands nervously.
“It looks perfect Marky, please stop stressing over it. Let’s go cuddle on our new bed.” Jack smiled excitedly, they’d gotten one of the memory foam mattresses and Jack was absolutely in love with it. Mark hadn’t felt it yet and Jack couldn’t wait for him to because then Jack knew he’d get free cuddles whenever he wanted once Mark had felt how amazing it was.
“But, I-I…” Mark looked back at the room.
“It’s gorgeous, now let’s go.” Jack grabbed Mark’s arm, dragging the boy to bed with him. Jack tugged his shirt off, sliding out of his jeans and into his pajama bottoms. Mark pulling his shirt off and slipping from his jeans and crawling into bed with Jack.
“Holy shit… This bed is so comfy.” Mark moaned, slithering under the covers, “I’m never leaving.” Mark’s muffled voice arose from beneath the covers. Jack smiled, he loved Mark with all of his heart and he was so happy to be living with him.
Jack and Mark were waiting for Felix and Ryan, Ian and Anthony had bailed on them and went with Rhett, Link and Matt for trick or treating. 
“I feel kinda dumb.” Jack admitted, “Aren’t we a bit old fur this?” 
“You are never too old for free candy Jacky!” Gasped Mark, making Jack smile.
“I love you so much.” Jack leaned against Mark as they sat on the porch steps of their house, Jack pressed his lips against his lover.
“I love you too Cosmo.” Chuckled Mark, a huge smile on his face. Jack thought back to the day they’d first met and the beginning of their friendship, Mark seemed happy on the outside but was tortured on the inside. Without noticing Jack had begun running his thumb over the mark on his boyfriend’s wrist. 
“Jack, what are you doing?” Mark asked.
“Huh…? Oh! I-I didn’t even notice I was doing that… Sorry…” Jack hung his head.
“Hey it’s alright, don’t feel bad.” Mark kissed him, “I do it a lot myself to be honest…” 
“Really?” Jack murmured.
“Yeah, it’s just a bad and somewhat good memory, by the way, I totally do regret it now, I said I didn’t before because I was really depressed, now I really do see that I was putting a permanent end to a temporary problem.” Mark placed his arm around Mark, shivering from how cold it’d gotten. Jack leaned into him, not saying a word.
“Hey sorry we’re late Felix and I had some costume malfunctions.” Felix limped over to where they all were, dressed as Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Ryan was Jack Skellington, it was really cute but Mark and Jack both thought they were the cutest.
“What happened to you?” Jack asked Felix as he stood there awkwardly.
“I… High heels.” He answered simply, getting a nod from both Jack and Mark.
“You two are really cute though.” Ryan smiled, “You really went all out… But you really look so cute together, its adorable. Let me get a picture for you.” And so he did. The night went really amazing, they ran onto Rhett, Link, Matt and the Smosh boys and they all hung out after at Jack and Mark’s place, just talking and of course, trading candy.
This was the best Halloween that any of them had ever had. Jack and Mark ended up Marathoning Halloween movies for the next few days.

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