High Up

This is about how a complete stranger can change your view of life, and even become your whole world.


{Book One - High Up}
{Book Two - Lilac Sky}
{Book Three - Brightest Stars} (Coming Soon)


17. Seventeen - Sleepover

 Mark stood over the stove in the kitchen, making dinner for him and Jack since it was his night to make it. His nights were all home cooked meals and Jack’s were almost always take out, not that anybody was complaining.

“Need a hand?” Jack snaked his arms around Mark’s skinny waist.

“No you’ll probably burn the house down.” Mark laughed.

“What’s that supposed to mean!?” Jack released his boyfriend.

“You’ve never cooked for me, I wouldn’t know if you could.” Smirked Mark.

“Ye just wait.” Jack grumbled, arms crossed as he stomped off.


Mark had gone out for the day and so Jack took it upon himself to make an amazing dinner. Jack made vegetable sushi, maple pork and a small stir fry with some white rice. Jack set the table for the two of them, making it somewhat romantic, hoping to get something good out of this. Jack heard the jingle of keys in the door making him jump up, hurrying to greet his lover.

“Hey babe.” Mark kissed Jack softly, “What you pick up tonight, it smells amazing!”

“I made vegetable sushi, maple pork and a small stir fry with some white rice.” Jack smirked cockily.

Sure, Where’d you get it?” Mark rolled his eyes as he entered the kitchen/dining area.

“I made it Mark.” Jack muttered, slightly offended that his boyfriend didn’t believe him, “I used to cook for my parents almost every night back in Ireland.”

“This looks absolutely amazing Jack, you’ve really out-done yourself.” Mark stood astonished at the beautiful dinner Jack had made for him.

“I know, I should get a reward for it.” Jack winked.

“Let’s see if it’s good first.”


“Ian…” Anthony whispered as he ran his fingers gently over the boy’s bruised cheek and swollen eyes, “Why didn’t you tell me… I-I could have protected you.”

“I was… scared… I’m sorry.” Ian grasped his friend’s hand as tight as he could.

“I understand. This wasn’t your fault Ian… You’re coming home with me, I’ve set things up with your mom, she’s going to stay with your aunt and you’re staying with me… Okay?” Anthony asked him, getting a nod in response.

“Thank you Ant. You’re the best friend anybody could ask for…” Ian yawned sleepily.

“Get some rest, you’ll get to come home faster if you do.” Anthony watched his friend fall asleep, staying where he’d been for the past week. Ian had been here in a coma for that amount of time, he had been in a severe car accident after his dad threatened him and his mom at a bar and failed at driving them home. Ian’s mother decided it was time to end it with his father, an alcoholic with a history of hurting the two of them. Anthony had thought he’d lost his friend and that’s when he realized how much Ian meant to him, they were almost brothers and were so close that it was fucking horrifying just thinking of his life without Ian, yeah they may fight and drive each other crazy but they were closer than family. Anthony knew this was the only way to keep his best friend safe, taking him out of the place that almost killed him and make sure he never goes back.


“Mary?” Ken rubbed his eyes, waking up that morning to find her missing from his side.

“Morning babe.” She poked her head out of the doorway, toothbrush hanging from her mouth and her hair a mess.

“You’re up early.” Ken sat up, voice full of sleep.

“Morning sickness.” Mary groaned, disappearing from the doorway going to finish brushing her teeth.

“Awe baby, I’m sorry.” Ken sighed as she returned, crawling back into bed, pulling Ken to lay with her.

“Don’t be, just make me feel better with cuddles.” She pressed her face into Ken’s chest, wrapping her arms around him.

“Will do.” Ken placed a gentle kiss to Mary’s head. Mary fell back to sleep, exhausted from doing almost nothing, she hated it so much and wanted to be able to do things again.


Mary woke up wrapped in Ken’s arms, she was so grateful for him. Ken was amazing and did everything to make sure Mary was as comfortable as possible and made sure to let her do things every now and again, she loved him so much and he loved her just as much.

“Ken?” Mary nudged him softly, “Ken, babe.” Mary pushed at him again.

“Mmm?” He grunted sleepily.

“I’m hungry.” Mary replied.

“What do you need?” Ken already started getting up, it was almost routine by now.

“I don’t know. Erm… Fried rice from that really good Chinese place, uh I think it was called like The Dragon Chinese. I’m not sure.” Mary smiled sheepishly.

“That’s like an hour away.” Ken groaned.

“Please. I love you.” Mary pouted. Ken knew he couldn’t say no, she was so cute and this was somewhat his fault.

“I’ll be back.” Ken kissed her and she returned to her place beneath the sheets.


Ken was about half way home, and couldn’t wait to get there. His cellphone rang and he tiredly answered hearing Mark and Jack bickering on the other end.

“Lemme talk to Ken!” Jack wined grabbing for the phone in Mark’s hands.

“No! You can talk to him later Jack, I’m talking to him.” Mark pushed back off of him.

“But it was my idea Mark!”

“I don’t care you called Pewds and Cry! The deal was that you call them and I call Ken!”

“Hey?” Ken interrupted.

“Oh, uh… Hi Ken, wanna come over tomorrow night, Jack and I just got a PS4 and a few new games as well and we’re having Pewds and Cry over, we’re also inviting a couple other people like Wade, Bob, Rhett and Link?” Mark asked.

“Erm… I don’t know guys, I have to take care of Mary…” Ken really felt bad because he hadn’t seen any of them since school had come to a close but he had Mary to worry about.

“Is she sick? What’s happened to her?” Mark asked, making Ken remember that he hadn’t told anyone other than Felix and Ryan.

“Shit, sorry guys did I forget to tell you?” He apologized.

“Yeah you kinda did.” Shouted Jack from the other end of the line.

“Mary’s pregnant!” Ken smiled, thinking about them having a family.

“Really? Shit congratulations man! That’s awesome!” Cheered Mark.

“What? What he say?” Jack poked at Mark who relayed the news to his lover, “So you’re not gonna come?”

“Nah, I have to take care of Mary, I don’t think she’d want to spend a night with a bunch of guys.”  Chuckled Ken.

“Yeah.” Sighed Mark, “Well, maybe another time.” Mark was really bummed, none of the guys had talked to Ken much since him and Mary got engaged. Everyone missed him so much, especially Felix, he told Ryan all the time how close they used to be and now, Felix hadn’t seen Ken in forever.

”Yeah… I’ve got to go, I just got home and need to deliver lunch… or dinner now, to my lovely fiancée.”

“Alright… Bye Kenny.” Mark murmured into the phone before hanging up. Ken sighed grabbing the now almost cold food from the passenger seat bringing it into the house.

“Mary! I’m back!” Ken called, going to reheat the food he’d gotten.”

“Yay!” She came running down into the kitchen, wrapping her arms around Ken, “Thank you.” She pressed her face into Ken’s arm, making her voice muffled.

“No problem.” He wrapped his biceps around her, kissing her forehead.

“Oh yeah!” Mary jumped looking up at her lover, “Jack and Mark called, they asked if you were home, I told them you weren’t and you should call them back.”

“They called my cell, don’t worry.” Ken smiled, glad that she liked his friends.

“Okay, What’d they want?” She asked.

“Oh, nothing, they just wanted me to go stay at their place with Felix, Ryan, Rhett, Link and maybe like Wade and Bob, I told them that I had to stay with you. They understood and knew that you wouldn’t want to have to deal with a bunch of gay guys all night.” Ken told her, going to check their food.

“Ken.” Mary looked at him in complete and utter shock, “You call those boys back and tell them you will be there. You have been with me constantly lately, go be with your friends.”

“No, it’s fine, I don’t want you to have be alone all night.” Shrugged Ken, “It’s fine.” He really missed them though.

“I’ll have Marzia and her girlfriend, Zoe, Jenna and Lilly over of it’ll make you feel any better.” Mary offered, wanting Ken to go so badly, she could tell he needed to catch up with all of them.

“Alright, you have to promise that you’ll call if you need anything, and I really mean anything.” Ken agreed.

“Yay! Okay, I can’t wait.”


“Get ‘em, Get ‘em!” Jack yelled as he routed for Bob who was against Mark.

“You’re my boyfriend! You’re supposed to be cheering for me!” Mark whined.

“Ye suck though! Bob doesn’t.” Jack teased.

“If I win, what do I get?” Mark asked, getting a wink from Jack in response.

“Yuck, guys you’re so fricking gross!” Ken fake gagged.

“How’d you make that baby Kenpai?” Felix smirked, causing Ken to get slightly flustered.

“Yeah Kenny, We’re just makin’ babies.” Jack smiled, making Bob lose it, bursting into laughter, leading to his demise. Mark instantly pointed at Jack letting out a loud laugh.

“Time to go make babies Jackaboy!” Mark shouted, overly excited about winning.

“That’s no fair! Jack made me lose! I demand a recount!” Shouted Bob. Jack laughed at how childish they were all acting, he suddenly relized how at home he felt around them. Jack smiled as he watched his friends be children, fighting over controllers and being themselves. Jack felt really safe and like he fit in, like he was normal for the first time in his life.


“So how did you and Mark meet?” Wade asked.

“Err…” Jack thought.

“Ugh, I remember this day like it were five minutes ago…” Mark smiled, “It was a dreary day and Daniel had just… passed, the night before, I was feeling pretty bad, I was stressed to the max and what I didn’t know was that I was actually sick, and I had started to feel kinda weird so I went up on the roof, I had of course started crying over Daniel again, trying to get just a bit less tense when I found Jack…” Mark stopped, not sure if it were okay for him to say anything else about it.

“Where I’d been sitting and crying for almost an hour by that time, I really missed home and was ready to commit suicide by then, when Mark found me. I was pretty pissed off when he approached me, asking if I was alright and I yelled at ‘em, I still feel kinda shite fur bein’ so mean, but yeah I yelled at ‘em and he ended up pukin’ on me favorite hoodie and ruinin’ me shoes. He fixed me hoodie and got me new shoes.” Jack smiled, pressing his lips to his boyfriend’s.

“How’d you go from there to dating?” Laughed Link.

“I got him to ‘tutor’ me, I’m pretty good at math but I just wanted to get to know him and thought it’d be cute…” Mark paused. “It sucked.”

“Yeah ‘cause ye sucked at it! Ye were impossible!” Jack replied.

“My god, I love you.” Mark smiled at his boyfriend, kissing him passionately.

“Please dear fucking god, make it stop.” Bob groaned.

“Ah, piss off ye fuckin’ poof.” Grunted Jack causing Mark to start laughing.

“What the hell is a poof?” Rhett laughed as well.

“It means gay or homo.” Mark was proud of himself for knowing this stuff.

“So… You two?” Wade commented, a smirk played at his lips.

“Piss off.” Jack laughed, a huge smile on his lips. Mark kissed the smile on his lovers mouth, everyone groaning at how touchy-feely the couple was.

“You’re so cute Jacky.” Smiled Mark as he bit at the boy's soft lower lip while he spoke.



Jack rolled over on the floor, waking up curled up on top of Wade, with the other mans arms around him. Jack jumped up, letting out a yelp.

“What the fuck!?” He shouted, suddenly noticing that everyone but him and Wade were awake, even Mark. Everyone had begun laughing as Jack punched Mark as hard as he could in the chest.

“Ooof! Ow!” He laughed, smiling as his boyfriend, “I love you Jacky.”

“Fuck off ye poof.” Jack pouted, arms crossed over his chest.

“Awe, come on Jackaboy. You know you liked it!” Felix teased.

“I will rip yeer testicles off and feed them to ye.” Jack glared at him. Mark leaned down, wrapping his arms around the smaller boy’s shoulders, pressing soft kisses along his jaw line. Jack tried to push him off only to fail, trying to hide the smile on his face.

“Am I making whittle Jacky upset?” Mark cooed, smirking at the boy.

“Stop! I’m trying to be mad at you!” Jack whined, squirming around on the floor as Mark kept a firm grip on him. Felix slid off of the couch on top of Jack.

“Give me love like you do to Mark.” Felix teased as well kissing Jack’s neck. Soon enough, Ryan, Ken, Link, Wade and Rhett we’re piled onto Jack, pinning him down and aggravating him.

“Get off me ye fat arses!” Jack groaned, squirming beneath the boys and laughing his ass off. He was honestly as happy as ever, with all of his best friends – other than Ian and Anthony that is - and his boyfriend, the love of his life. Jack now knew what it felt like to be accepted and loved by people other than his parents, and he really enjoyed it.


“That was fun, huh?” Mark asked as the two lovers cleaned up.

“Yeah, Mark can I tell ye something’?” Jack questioned.

“Er, Yeah? What’s up? Is everything alright babe?” Mark began to worry, seeing as Jack seemed kind of weird about what he wanted to say.

“Well… Um… I realized while bein’ with ye and the others… I-I… I really feel at home and safe, I never felt that way back home… All of ye make me so happy and it really means a lot to me Marky, ye have no idea how much…” Jack struggled to find the right words to explain how he felt.

“Awe Jacky, I love you and you make me so damn happy as well. You’re so sweet and amazing.” Mark kissed his boyfriend holding him there for a while, swaying back and forth in the silence of the night, the soft light of the television shining on them, no sound coming from it, just the two of them in the hush of the gloom of the evening.

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