High Up

This is about how a complete stranger can change your view of life, and even become your whole world.


{Book One - High Up}
{Book Two - Lilac Sky}
{Book Three - Brightest Stars} (Coming Soon)


1. One - Ruined Hoodie

One – Ruined Hoodie

Sitting on the rooftop wasn't a common thing for Mark but today was different. He'd just been miserable all day, feeling horribly ill and having to deal with going to school. His mother forced him to since he was missing the next week of school. Mark's father had died the night before. He may have not had the best relationship with his father but he still cared.

The small, half American climbed out the window of an empty classroom onto the roof, his nausea increasing rapidly with each move he made. Though he froze when he saw a shivering figure a few feet in front of him, seated at the edge of the rooftop. Mark observed it closely, wondering who it could've been, but he was more concerned by how bad he felt at the moment to focus much on the person. That was until whoever it was let out a soft, yet heart-wrenching cry that caused Mark to jump slightly.

He pushed his own needs aside and stepped up to the crying figure, he kneeled down placing his hand on the person's boney shoulder as he spoke; "Hey, are you-"

"Get away from me!" The person turned, the vibrant, Nordic blue eyes of the new Irish student met Mark's. The boy's name was Sean McLoughlin, Mark had seen the poor soul around quite a bit, though he never had the chance to say hello.

"Whoa! I-I'm sorry! I-I just wanted to-to..." Mark stammered, unable to find the words he needed.

"Ya fuckin' what!?"

"Uh... I-I wanted to... Er..."

"Spit it the fuck out already!" Sean yelled.

"I was just trying to-" This is when Mark knew that it really hadn't been the best idea to have come to school that day. He promptly puked on Sean and passed out. The Irishman jumped back at the sight.

"Fischbach?" He muttered, letting out a loud groan as he pulled his jacket off, "Just had to be on me favorite hoodie, didn't it?" He grumbled and tossed the now ruined hoodie over his shoulder, tucking his arms beneath Mark's and hoisting the older up and dragging him down to the nurse's office.


Sean sat in the corner of the room, waiting for Mark to awake. He may hate the boy but he wants to see if he's okay. The Irishman tapped away at his phone, telling Felix that he wouldn't be able to make it to his place that afternoon. 

Stupid Mark, ruining his plans.

He was blaming Mark, but in reality, he was just using him as an excuse not to go to hang out with his friend. He was having a bad day and didn't really want to talk to anyone.

His eye's wondered to the other side of the room where Mark was sleeping. A sigh escaped his parted lips. Mark looked terrible, he was pale - except for his cheeks which were bright red - and shaky. Sean really did feel bad for him, even though he ruined the younger's favorite sweater and sneakers.

Mark's eyes fluttered open, slightly dazed and confused for a moment before he realized where he was. He glanced over to the opposite end of the room and spotted Sean sat there, no longer crying, his eyes still slightly red but other than that there was no way to tell he'd been crying.

Sean's bright blue eyes made contact with Mark's as he sat up in the bed.

"Nurse, he's awake!" Sean called, still waiting there. He needed to make sure that Mark wouldn't be running around telling people.

"Mark Fischbach! You should have come down here! Are you stupid!?" She called as she stomped into the room.

"I'm sorry, Aunt Clara." Mark rolled his eyes.

"You better be! Why didn't you come down here!?" She shoved a thermometer into his mouth.

"Because Ma said I had to come." He replied, though it was slurred from the object hanging from between his lips.

"She would've let you go home if you were sick, you know that, Mark!" His aunt shouted as she got him some pills.

"Yeah, but I'm missing school next week so... I like... Have to stay." Mark frowned.

"School's over buddy, you're mom's out but I can bring you home." She told him.

"Oh... I can get home myself." He really didn't feel like being around her at the moment.

"You sure?" She asked, "I mean, poor, Sean over there had to drag you down here because you passed out on him. I don't think your mother would be very happy with me if you passed out on the side of the road in the rain." Clara spoke and Mark glanced out the window, seeing the pouring rain dripping down the window pane.

"I'm sure. I'm fine now." He spoke, tossing his legs over the edge of the bed and standing wobbly. 

"Alright, get some rest, Mark." His aunt told him as she left.

"Thanks, Aunt Clara!" Mark called after her.

"You shouldn't be thanking me."

Mark was confused for a moment, until he noticed that Sean was still there, "Oh, Uh... Thank you, Sean, I-"

"Jack! Not Sean! Don't ever call me, Sean!" He growled in anger, grabbing onto the collar of Mark's shirt, holding the other male close to his face, "Got it!?" His grip got stronger.

"Y-Yeah, Sorry, Se-... Uh, Jack!" Mark stammered anxiously. Jack was quite threatening, even with his baby face and soothing blue eyes. Jack seemed quite rugged and hardcore. He had several tattoos over his arms and he also had some that poked out from the collar of his cream, long-sleeved shirt. His hair was a grey-ish color with a mix of brown in it, though it was practically hidden beneath his deep red, almost brown beanie. His jeans were ripped but baggy over his scrawny legs and his shoes were once blue and green, his now ruined hoodie was blue, green and white to match.

"If ya tell even one goddamn person, I will fuckin' hurt ye." Warned Jack.

"I wouldn't tell anyone, that's your own business." Mark affirmed, he wouldn't have told anyone anyway, maybe Felix but that was it.

"Better not." He dropped Mark, spun on his heel and stomped off, leaving Mark on his own.

The half Asian's eyes wandered the room, looking for his bag. Once he'd spotted it, he also noticed Jack's favorite sweater draped over the side of the trash bin. The boy grasped it and sighed, he felt horrible about ruining it. He grabbed his bag and tossed it over his shoulder, dropping the jacket over his arm and heading home.


Mark tossed the hoodie in the wash again for the third time, maybe it really was ruined. He still refused to give up on it. The boy sighed, he still needed to head out to get a new pair of shoes for Jack, man he felt bad.

He gathered the money he'd been saving to get a new gaming console and groaned, one hundred and thirty dollars. He hoped it'd be enough, but he also wished he didn't have to do this. Well, he technically didn't have to but he felt so bad that it felt like he did.


Mark came home an hour later with a pair of new, green and blue sneakers... Really expensive ones. They cost Mark, one-hundred and twenty-six dollars, he hope'd it'd be worth it and that they'd fit.

He checked the Jacket and it seemed like it was done so he hung it out to dry, not wanting it to shrink. Mark sighed and climbed the stairs up to his bedroom. He took a quick shower to get cleaned up from the days events and got into his boxers. Before he went to bed he took his temperature, it was still pretty high. Mark was of course still going to school the next day, even if he was sick. His mother wouldn't let him stay home anyway.

Goddamn he hoped that Jack liked this.

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