High Up

This is about how a complete stranger can change your view of life, and even become your whole world.


{Book One - High Up}
{Book Two - Lilac Sky}
{Book Three - Brightest Stars} (Coming Soon)


9. Nine - Daddy

“What do ye think ye’re doin’?” Jack scolded.

“Getting Cereal…?” Mark mumbled skeptically.

“No yeer not, sit yeer arse down. If ye pop a stitch, I’m gonna have to sew it up me-self, I am a master surgeon ye know!” Jack pointed at Mark sternly. Mark rolled his eyes.

“For one, just because you play surgery games on the internet, doesn’t make you a master and for two, don’t you have a date or something?” Mark grunted, giving in and sitting at the table.

“Yes it does and I do, later, Felix and Ryan are comin’ over to make sure ye don’t do somethin’ stupid.”

“I’m not gonna do anything stupid, I just need a bit of time to myself Jack.” Mark sighed, it’d been a hectic week and a half and being forced to be around Jack twenty-four/seven was like torcher, Yeah Mark may love Jack but there is only so much of his cutely-obnoxious, loud accent and stupid comments a person can take.

“But, I can’t trust that ‘cause ye told me ye didn’t regret yeer decision to off yeerself Mark. I’m just worried ‘bout ye.” Jack placed a bowl of cereal down on the table for Mark, half-smiling.

“I just don’t want to hang-out with anybody… I’m going through a lot of stuff, battling in my own head with my emotions and feelings, it’s all stuff that I can’t talk about, I can barely understand it myself, really… It’s frustrating and I need some alone time to think it through.” Mark shrugged, taking in a mouthful of his cereal. Jack leaned over his shoulder, mouth open, waiting for Mark to give him a bite.

“Eww, fuck off!” Mark cracked a smiled, shoving him back playfully. Jack fake pouted, poking his bottom lip out, trying hard not to start laughing.

“Awe, Markimoo! If ye loved me then ye’d give me some!” Jack whined in a baby-voice.

“I don’t love you and I’m not your parent.” Mark joked.

“Ye sure?” Jack paused, “Daddy.” A smirk played at the small boy’s lips. Mark went to speak and stopped, wide-eyed and his face bright red. Jack could tell he was making the older extremely flustered by the look on his face. Jack winked a couple times, nudging his friend, “Come on, give me some… Daddy.” He teased, Mark struggled with finding words.

“I-I, You… But-I, W-What, I-You… Daddy?” Mark coughed, choking on his words. Jack was now hysterically laughing, doubled over hugging his sides. Tears streamed down his cheeks as he heaved for breath.

“Oh-Oh, M-Me God! I-I can’t, holy shite! It hurts!” Jack cried out, holding the back of Mark’s chair to keep himself from falling over.

“S-Shut up.” Mark blushed furiously.

“Awe, is wittle Markimoo all flustered!?” Jack choked, as he laughed hared. He had such a beautiful laugh, Mark couldn’t help but so smile and laugh as well.

“Daddy.” Jack chuckled wiping the tears from his eyes.

“Shut it.” Mark rolled his eyes, a huge smile plastered to his face. He was so in love with Jack.


Rhett was sprawled out across his bed, texting with Matt. Link and him hadn’t spoken in what felt like forever. Rhett missed him like crazy and just wanted his little boyfriend back. He loved Link so much and just wanted him back…

Matt: Just go over to his place? What’s the worst that could happen?

Rhett: I don’t want to make him upset, I’ve called, texted and even tried to find him at school but he never answers…

Matt: well if you go to his place then he’ll have to talk to you Rhett, he loves you so much and you love him too… Just go talk to him!

Rhett sighed, knowing Matt was totally right but he was so scared that Link didn’t love him anymore that he just couldn’t bear to hear it. He didn’t think he could handle it, hearing that Link didn’t love him, he wouldn’t be able to go on.

Matt: JUST DO IT!!

Matt: Haha! I had to, sorry but foe real you have to go talk to him, I can’t take your sulking anymore!

Rhett: FINE! Fine, I’m going now, text you later!

Rhett gave in and slipping into his jacket and pulled his shoes on. He grabbed his wallet and car keys heading down stairs.

“Rhett?” He heard his mother from the kitchen.

“Yeah?” He asked.

“Where are you going?” She asked, Rhett still hadn’t told his parents that he wasn’t straight.

“Um… L-Link’s?” Rhett murmured, “Why?”

“I was just asking… Why are you so jumpy? Is there something you aren’t telling me Rhett?” His mother was now in the room with her arms crossed.

“N-No… I have to go… Bye!” He was out the door before she could speak another word. He clambered into his car and peeled out of his drive way. After driving for a short ten-ish minutes, Rhett pulled up outside of his best friend and love of his life’s house.

He nervously climbed from his car and walked up to the front door, he hesitated for what felt like an eternity before pressing the doorbell.

“Come in!” Link called from the other side of the door. Rhett’s body tensed as he reached for the door knob. His heart was pounding and he had a lump in his throat, making it hard to swallow. He eventually pushed the door open and stepped in. Rhett glanced around the overly familiar house before approaching the living room where he expected Link to be watching a movie. But he wasn’t…

Rhett was shattered... He could feel his heart stop beating, tears welled in his eyes.

"L-Link?" Was all he could manage to utter, seeing him on the couch, shirtless a girl on him. They were kissing just like how the two of them used to.

"Rhett!?" He jumped away from the girl. Link threw himself to his feet and rushed over grabbing the taller boy and tugging him into the kitchen, "What the fuck are you doing!? We're over!"

"I-I missed you so much Charles. I just couldn't... Couldn't keep going like the way it was... I love you so much Link, I-I..." Rhett didn't finish, looking down at the floor.

"Well we are over Rhett, you have to get over it-"

"I can't get over it God damn it! I love you so much it physically hurts being away from you... You have no idea the amount of pain I'm in, just knowing that you don't love me Rhett... It-It... It kills me." He had begun with shouting but by the end his voice was so tiny even he could barely hear it.

"I'm sorry Rhett..." Link shook his head, "Can you please leave... I have company." As the words left his mouth Rhett could tell that he was dead, he felt nothing more, just complete agony in his heart and lungs, struggling to breathe properly. He nodded, turned and walked out. Only then did he begin to cry.


"This sucks." Mark huffed under his breath. He could feel the life draining out of him as he sat and watched Ryan and Felix. He was pretty sure that they were going to rip each others tonsils out. The worst part was the sounds they were making, causing Mark to gag. Nothing he did could block out the slurp-y moans the two were producing, Mark wanted to know how they were even making the sounds, they weren't normal or even human sounds. He scrunched his nose and pulled himself from Jack's cushy arm chair going to leave the room.

"Where do you think you're going Mr.Fischbach?" Felix sat up, arms folded over his chest.

"To rip my eardrums out." He replied bluntly.

"Shut up and sit your ass down, we need to make sure you don't do anything dumb."

"If I have to hear one more fucking inhumane slurping moan sound come from either of you I'm going to drive a pencil through my fucking skull." Mark snapped, his head was killing him and he just wanted to sleep.

"Jesus Christ, what's got your knickers in a twist Mark?" Ryan commented.

"You two! Oh my fucking God, have you heard yourselves! You are driving me insane! My head is killing me, my wrist hurts like a motherfucker and I haven't slept properly since all this happened! Now let me go get some fucking aspirin and go to sleep!" Mark yelled, making himself wince at his own loudness.

"Alright, alright, fine. We'll be checking in every once and a while though." Felix replied, wide-eyed from the boy's outburst. He'd never seen Mark that upset before, the stress and heartache must've really been getting to him.

"Sleep well." 

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