High Up

This is about how a complete stranger can change your view of life, and even become your whole world.


{Book One - High Up}
{Book Two - Lilac Sky}
{Book Three - Brightest Stars} (Coming Soon)


14. Fourteen - Be Mine?

Jack pulled away, shocked by his own actions. His eyes were wide and his lips numb.

“Mark I-I’m so sorry, I-I wasn’t thinkin' I’m s-so, so sorry… Please don’t-don’t hate me!” Jack stumbled over his words as he sat praying to a God he didn’t even believe in that Mark wouldn’t hate him. Jack could hear his heart pounding in his ears and feel a lump in his throat. Tears welled in his eyes as he tried to swallow his feelings.

“Jack, I don’t hate you, I could never hate you.” Replied Mark, making a slight feeling of relief flow through his body, still tense and afraid of rejection, “My lip does feel better by the way.”

“What?” Jack asks dumbfounded.

“My lip, it doesn’t hurt anymore.” Mark smiled.

“Wha-What do ye mean?” Jack furrowed his eyebrows, a huge smile plastered to his face.

“I like- no, I love you Jack, I always have…” Mark confessed nervously.

“Really? Seriously…? You like me? Are you sure? I’m a huge arse-hole and I’m not good looking or anything… Ye’re perfect, in every single way… I’m not anywhere near good enough for you, why would ye like anyone like me? I’m stupid and obnoxious and annoying, why would you ever love me?” Jack was so confused as to why someone like Mark could love him, even though all the things he was saying were just his thoughts, not the way he was ever seen by Mark.

“Listen Jack, you are amazing, you are perfect and are more alive than me, why would you like me? I’m the one who’s fucked up and wishing to die every second of every…. That is except for when I’m with you.” Mark was looking into Jack’s gorgeous bright blue eyes.

“I love you so much because ye’re the reason I haven’t killed me-self yet, I wanted to go back to Ireland so badly and when ye found me on that roof I was planning me suicide. If it weren’t fur ye I’d be dead by now and I owe you me life fur that. You are so amazing, sweet and adorable Mark. To tell you the complete truth, I went up on the Space Needle with ye knowin’ that I was gonna have a panic attack but I wanted to go because I love to watch yeer eyes light up lookin’ at all the stuff and yeer cute smile when ye’re excited. I just love it so much and I want to see it all the time, I really wanted ye to be happy so I went.” Spoke Jack, cuddling up to Mark’s side.

“Really? You didn’t have to go up there with me, we could’ve done anything. That’s really sweet of you and I know you’ll probably hate me for it but when we got to the diner on our way up here and I took a picture of you sleeping, you looked so cute and I just really, really loved you and couldn’t help it.” Jack smiled slightly, completely exhausted, it’d been a tiring day.

“Does this mean we’re dating now?” Jack looked up at Mark.

“I-I dunno?” Shrugged Mark awkwardly.

“Okay.” Jack leaned up and kissed him softly, “How about now?”

“You cheeky bastard.” Mark laughed, a smiled stuck on his face. He leaned down, kissing Jack, who pulled him close, not letting go and keeping his lips connected to Mark’s. Jack fell backwards onto the couch, followed by Mark who ended up on top of him. Jack tried to roll onto his side a bit more but ebbed off the couch to the floor, Mark doing the same do to how tightly Jack had been gripping him. Jack wanted to keep kissing Mark but couldn’t help laughing hysterically.

“I-I’m sorry.” Wheezed Jack, “I don’t know why this is so funny.” He continued to giggle, his grip on Mark loosening. Mark watched Jack’s cute little smile as he laughed, unable to catch his breath, Mark couldn’t help but laugh as well, watching his best friend, the love of his life and now boyfriend.

“You’re so cute.” Mark buried his face into the crook of Jack’s neck, laughing silently, his chest shaking from his awkward breathing.

“No ye’re cuter Marky.” Smiled Jack as he calmed down, running his fingers beneath his eyes. Mark nibbled at Jack’s ear gently, making the boy squirm and giggle some more.

“I’m so in love with you.”


Link and Rhett were laying, bare body’s mangled together between the sheets. Both were content, a comfortable silence lingering between them.

“Rhett?” Mumbled Link.

“Yeah.” Rhett replied, gently stroking the other’s hair.

“I love you.” Link smiled up at him.

“I love you too cutie.” Rhett kissed the top of Link’s head, “We should go out tonight. Our anniversary was a little more than a week ago.”

“Oh yeah, how long ago was it again, like six years?” Link smiled, thinking about the day they’d met.

“Yeah.” Rhett chuckled, “I barely remember how we met, it was so long ago now…”

“I remember that you were telling me about your first kiss and then you’d asked me who my first kiss was and when I said I hadn’t had mine you just kissed me out of nowhere and we didn’t talk for like two weeks but then I just came over to your place and told you it didn’t suck so we sat up here and made out for a solid two hours.” The two laughed remembering it like it were yesterday even though six years had passed, though nothing had really changed.


“This place?” Link smiled seeing the old little restaurant that the two had come to on their first date all those years ago. It was right near the beach and you could sit out on the little deck they had put in and be out on the actual beach. It was honestly beautiful.

“Yep, I thought you’d like it.” Smirked Rhett, so happy the love of his life was his again.

“Like it? Rhett I love it, I know it sounds really cliché but it’s true.” Link pressed his lips to the taller boys.

“You’re amazing Link.”

“No you are.” He teased as they walked in, hand in hand.

The two got a table outside, by the water, the same one as the first time they came. There were a few other couples sitting around at the other tables, talking quietly. Rhett and Link ordered and ate their meal, just talking about life and what not. They ordered a small chocolate cake to share for dessert.

“This cake is absolutely fantastic.” Raved Link.

“I know, I need this in my life constantly.” Rhett agreed, “Oh yeah and I have been meaning to ask you something, for like, months now.”

“Yeah? What’s up?” Link replied with a mouth full of cake, causing Rhett to laugh at his friend.

“Well, do you think you’re ready to show everyone you’re mine?” Rhett asked with a smile on his face.

“Um… I-I guess so… Why?” Link furrowed his eyebrows in confusion.

“Because I have the best way.” Rhett pulled the small box from his pocket and slid to one knee in front of Link, “Charles Neal, will you marry me?”


“Oh my god! You’re Markiplier, I love you so much!” Cried some girl rushing up to Mark and Jack as they walked around.

“Hi! I love you too.” Mark hugged her and asked her name.

“I’m Natalie, I’ve been watching you for ages and I really just wanted to thank you so much for making me smile.” She gushed. Jack stood off to the side, this had been happening all day to Mark and Jack had felt really left out the whole time, and just as she was about to leave more and more people showed up, talking to Mark causing Jack to be ignored by his boyfriend.

“Mark, I-I’m. gonna… Just-“ Jack could tell he wasn’t being listened to so he just walked off. He wanted to feel happy and watch Mark smile constantly and be happy as well but he hated how Mark was ignoring him. Walking around alone Jack realized how much he hated being alone compared to before Mark had come into his life. Mark had really changed Jack, he was so much different now that he was thinking about it. Jack loved life and looked forward to living it, he wanted to get up each and every day, being with Mark is the best thing to ever happen to him.

“Are you JackSepticEye?” He heard a small voice say from behind him, feeling a tap on his shoulder.

“Yes I-I am.” He spun around seeing two girls stood holding hands, huge smiles on their faces.

“We’re really big fans of you, you’re honestly amazing.” Jack started smiling as well.

“Ye’re the only people that’ve noticed me all day.” He spoke.

“Really? Oh, wow! We-we wanted to say thank you so much Jack, you’re the reason we’re together now. Without you we would never’ve found each other. We met through your fan club and we fell in love, so thank you.” Spoke one of them, “I’m Jamie and this is Alice.” She pointed between them.

“Awe, that’s amazing and I’m so glad to hear this!” Jack hugged the two and talked to them for a while before Mark almost tackled him.

“Where did you go!? You made me so worried!” Mark punched him in the shoulder.

“Sorry, I felt left out so I just decided to walk around, but look! I met fans!” Jack gestured towards the girls, “They’re names are Jamie and Alice, they got together through my fan group!” Jack’s excitement made Mark laugh, wanting to kiss him but not wanting their relationship to spread yet.

After spending the day there Jack and Mark decided to go get some take out and head back to the hotel. They stopped and got some Chinese food and when they got back to their room they turned on the movie that they never finished the night before and cuddled on the couch eating their dinner.

“Hey Jacky.” Mark said after they’d finished eating, Jack looked up at the boy in curiosity.

“Mmmh?” Murmured the boy, only to not get an answer but a rough kiss from the older one.

Mark’s lips trailed down Jack’s neck, his body going numb, mind going blank. Mark’s hands ran up my shirt, his icy finger tips against Jack’s hot skin. His skin crawled with pleasure. Jack’s fingers tangled into Mark’s hair, tugging lightly at it as his lips moved down, lower and lower. He stopped just above Mark’s crotch, pulling himself back to Mark’s lips, kissing him hard and full of lust. Jack bit at his lower lip, begging for Mark to let Jack’s tongue slide between his lips, battling with the others. His hands moved down to the waist of Jack’s pants, playing with the button of his pants, waiting for permission to go. He nodded slightly, with ease- and only one hand - undid Jack’s pants and pulled them off of him, he did, somewhat the same to the other... Only Mark struggled a bit more with the whole button thing and before he knew it he was moaning louder than ever. They felt so much pleasure rushing through them, moaning against each other’s lips, Jack arching his back with a purr of pleasure. A moan slipping from his lips, Mark’s nails digging into his back, leaving deep marks. Jack melted into him, each and every breath got harder and the pleasure got greater. One of his arms slid under Jack’s arched back, holding him up closer to him, his lips millimeters from the other boy’s, Jack craved his lips against his own as Mark teased him. As Jack got closer he got further away. His hips thrusting harder, faster. He held Jack against his chest tightly, his hips getting rough. Jack gasped digging his nails deeper into Mark’s back, hitting his climax, Mark’s hips slowed slightly, but continued for several moments until he finished, collapsing on top of Jack. The two laying exhausted on the couch.

Let’s just say they never finished the movie…

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