High Up

This is about how a complete stranger can change your view of life, and even become your whole world.


{Book One - High Up}
{Book Two - Lilac Sky}
{Book Three - Brightest Stars} (Coming Soon)


5. Five - What Did I Say!?

“So why’d you give me your number earlier?” Mark asked Jack in the middle of their math session.

“Uh!” Jack was taken back by the sudden question, “Be-Because I sat around when I could have been doing something, l-like going to a- um… Clubbing, no…Partying!”

“Sorry, just thought you’d be happier without me here.”

“I totally am.” He replied, but Mark could have sworn he’d heard Jack mutter, ‘not’ after that, but Mark didn’t want to start another argument.

Mark had noticed that about half way into the session that Jack kept checking his phone every few moments. Mark was extremely curious of exactly why, he wanted to ask but was too afraid of pissing Jack off. Jack suddenly jumped up and rushed to his laptop.

“What’s up?” Mark asked.

“Tickets fur a really awesome gaming convention just went on sale.” Jack responded quickly.

“That’s awesome! I love video games.” Mark smiled.

“Okay.” Jack said changing the amount of tickets to two on the website.

“Oh, I didn’t mean-“

“Don’t worry about it. I owe ye fur the shoes and sweater.” Jack shook his head, waving me off.

“Jack, you really don’t have to, it was my own fault that-“

“Shut up, I already got the tickets.” Jack rolled his eyes.

“Thanks Jack?” Mark said, really confused… He thought Jack hated him?

“Uh, also, yee’re gonna have to drive the two of us there, I have no car.” Jack shrugged, sheepishly smiling at Mark.

“You just paid for my ticket so I think that is way more than fair.” Mark replied, getting an actual smile from Jack… That was the first and what Mark hoped was not the last time he’d see that smile.


“Ken! Please!” Felix begged.

“Felix, no, I will not let you call Ryan on my phone!” Ken protested.

“Please, I’m desperate!” Felix pleaded.

“He obviously wants to be left alone Felix, you should respect that.” Ken tried to reason with the love-sick boy.

“Ken, I’m in love with Ryan, I need to talk to him. Please Ken, please! I’m begging you!” Felix cried.

“Felix-…” Ken stretched the other boy’s name, he was beginning to cave.


“Fine! Fine!” Ken thrusted his phone towards Felix, “Here, take it!” Felix grabbed the phone from Ken and dialed the number he knew by heart.

“Please dear lord, pick up.” The boy whispered.



Rhett was sitting on the steps to Link’s place he didn’t know how else to contact him without getting ignored.

“Rhett? Why are you here?” Link didn’t sound angry, more annoyed really.

“I missed you.” Rhett mumbled, staring down at his hands in his lap.

“I thought you never wanted to see me again.” Link replied.

“I was mad and not thinking, please Link, forgive me.”  Rhett looked up at Link with sad eyes.

“How can I forgive you Rhett? You said you never loved me…” Link’s voice cracked.

“I-I didn’t mean it Charles, I swear! Please!” Rhett begged and pleaded, even using Link’s real name.

“Rhett, don’t… Don’t do this please, I-I can’t…” Link shuttered.

“What are you trying to say, Link?” Rhett’s voice came out weaker than he’d expected.

“I-I think we should… Break-up…” Link said, barely above a whisper, unable to even look at Rhett.

“No, Link, no! Don’t say that, please dear God, tell me this isn’t real!” Rhett had started crying, begging the love of his life to reconsider.

“I-I’m sorry Rhett, I am, so unbelievably sorry…” Link mumbled running up the stairs that Rhett had been sitting on into the house.

Rhett left quickly, walking for a bit before deciding he didn’t want to go home and sat down on the edge of the sidewalk. He was broken-hearted and felt like his chest was caving in.

“Hey? Rhett?” Matt approached his friend.

“Go away.” Rhett mumbled.

“What’s wrong?” Matt asked and sat beside him, ignoring his previous statement.”

“Leave me alone Matt.” Rhett sniffled, wiping his hand under his nose.

“No, what happened? You’re obviously upset.” Matt protested.

“Link broke up with me…” Rhett whimpered in a small voice.

“Awe, dude I’m so sorry.” Matt placed his arm around Rhett’s shoulders, giving him an awkward side-hug.

“Me too, I really thought that someday we’d get married and all that… We broke-up over something so stupid, I don’t even remember what about… I guess we weren’t meant to last…” Rhett looked tiredly over at his friend. Both boys looked up feeling gentle drops of rain on their skin.

“Just when I thought this day couldn’t get any worse.”


Jack stared out the window, watching the drops of water slip down it gracefully. Mark had left about an hour ago, Jack was starting to feel lonely again - just watching raindrops race down a window – so he turned on some music and laid back on his bed, head tilted so he could still watch the rain. A shiver ran up his spine, making him crawl under the covers of his bed. He fell asleep early that night


Jack was startled awake by his cell phone ringing around two am. He groaned picking it up, not bothering to check and see who it was.

“It’s bloody two in the fookin’ mornin’ whot do ye need!” Jack’s accent was thicker and his voice deeper from being woken up.

”Jack?” The Irishman heard Mark sob into the phone.

“Mark? Why’re ye callin’ at this hour? What’s happened? Are ye alright?” Jack rambled nervously into the phone.

“C-Can you come pick me up?” Mark cried, “I’m at the hospital on Gerard way.”

“What!? Yeah, yeah, I’ll be there soon, I’m on my way.” Jack jumped from his bed, not even bothering to get changed from his septic eye pajamas. He darted down the stairs to the front door and grabbed the keys to his mother’s car, just about to run out the door.

“Where the ‘ell do ye think yeer goin’ Sean.”

Jack spun around to find his mother seated on the couch with her arms folded over his chest.

“Ma, Please… My friend, Mark, somethin’s happened and he needs me to pick him up. He said he was at the hospital, I have to go Ma, Please!” Jack rambled quickly.

“Well, it sounds like he needs ye Sean, I’m gon’ let ye go… Sounds like ye finally be warmin’ up to people…” His mother nodded, “That boy sounds real special Jackaboy, you don’t let him go.”

“Thank you so much! I won’t, don’t wait up for me!” Jack called as he bolted out the door.


“Hello?” Ryan’s voice came through the speaker. Felix realized he had no idea what he was gonna say.

“Ken?” Ryan asked.

“Listen don’t hang up this is really, really important!” Felix spoke quickly.

“No Felix, I said-“

“Ryan please this is more important than you think…”

“Felix, I said-“

“Ryan, I’m in love with you.”

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